About Us

Automotive Lift Services

We are the only service company for all makes and models of car lifts, air compressors, paint booths, frame machines, air hose and motorcycle lifts. We do not sell equipment only parts, we install, repair, maintain, relocate and inspect equipment. Our specialty is automotive lifts such as 2 post lifts, 4 post lifts, mid rise lifts, short rise lifts, full rise lifts, in ground lifts, scissors lifts, mobile column lifts, parking solution lifts, and alignment lifts.


Leadership, Josiah Ragsdale

Automotive Lift Services was officially made a business in early 2019. It really started about 3 years prior to that though when my Father Kent Ragsdale began selling car lifts in addition to Hunter Engineering equipment. When he would sell a lift in the beginning whoever bought it would generally ask if he could install it as well, that’s where I came in being 18 at the time I was the perfect candidate to help install lifts with him. Over time it morphed into me installing lifts and him selling more lifts so I would recruit a buddy of mine to go with and help install them and keep track of his hours and pay than my father would pay us accordingly. Eventually it got to the point where I was making more money installing/servicing lifts than I was at my full time job in a custom car shop. Seeing the need in the marketplace, I quit and went full time installing and servicing lifts and opened Automotive Lift Services (officially on paper).


We exist to provide fast, high quality, safe service to the automotive industry and to bring help to those in need in other countries as well as in our own neighborhood through the Fight for the Forgotten organization. We do this by donating 10% of our profits to Justin Wrens organization Fight for the Forgotten. They really make a big difference in our own communities by fighting bullying and in countries in Africa like the Democratic Republic of the Congo by freeing people from slavery and drilling wells to save people from water born diseases.


Core Values:

Our core values are:
-Showing up on time
-Generous, with time and money, over delivering to the customer without charging them

Where We Provide Service

Automotive Lift Services is located in Ames Iowa, we provide car lift repair Ames and other services to Ames and other cities such as: Nevada, Story City, Ames, Ankeny, Des Moines, Marshalltown, Fort Dodge, Waterloo, Mason City, Le Mars, Sioux City, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Dubuque, Iowa City, Cresco, Prairie du Chien, Waukon, New Hampton, Fayette, Oelwein, Independence, Dyersville, Cedar Falls, Wavery, Monticello, Riverside, Moline, Clinton, Maquoketa, Burlington, Fort Madison, Nauvoo, Keokuk, Fairfield, Sigourney, Riverside, Bloomfield, Centerville, Corydon, Pella, Oskaloosa, Sigourney, Grinnell, Tama, Newton, Osage, Charles City, Nashua, Clear Lake, Hampton, Iowa Falls, Forrest City, Algona, Emmetsburg, West Bend, Humboldt, Clarion, Lake City, Jefferson, Carroll, West Des Moines, Creston, Osceola, Mt Ayr, Lamoni, Lenox, Leon, Clarinda, Shenandoah, Red Oak, Walnut, Atlantic, Avoca, Denison, Harlan, Onawa, Ida Grove, Lake View, Sac City, Storm Lake, Cherokee, Spencer, Arnolds Park, Spirit Lake, Sheldon, Orange City, Sioux Center, Rock Valley, Sergeant Bluff and surrounding communities.


What We Can Do For You

Weather you need car lift repair Ames or car lift inspection, car lift installation, car lift removal, car lift relocation or car lift maintenance wherever your located at we can help.


We also offer a maintenance program that includes:

  • twenty four hour service for all of your car lifts
  • annual car lift inspections for all of your car lifts
  • tracking for all of your car lifts
  • a mobile mid rise car lift that can be put in between your 2 post car lift if your car lift can’t be fixed within twenty four hours
  • air compressor maintenance and air compressor repair
  • a spare air compressor that we will plumb in if your air compressor will be down for more than twenty four hours
  • paint booth maintenance andpaint booth repair
  • a portable inflatable paint booth if your paint booth is being replaced or the repairs will take more than twenty four hours
  • frame machine maintenance
  •  andrame machine repair
  • 2 post car lift repair Ames
  • 2 post car lift installation, 2 post car lift removal and2 post car lift relocation
  • 4 post car lift relocation, 4 post car lift installation, 4 post car lift repair Ames and4 post car lift removal
  • mid rise lift installation, mid rise car lift relocation, mid rise car lift repair and mid rise car lift removal
  • full rise car lift installation, full rise car lift relocation, full rise vehicle lift repair and full rise vehicle lift removal
  • short rise automobile lift installation, short rise car lift relocation, short rise car lift repair and short rise vehicle lift removal
  • scissors car lift relocation, scissors car lift installation, scissors automobile lift removal and scissors car lift repair Ames
  • mobile column vehicle lift installation, mobile column automobile lift relocation, mobile column automobile lift repair and
  • mobile column car lift removal
  • car parking lift installation, car parking lift relocation, car parking lift repair and car parking lift removal
  • automobile alignment rack installation
  • car alignment rack relocation
  • vehicle alignment rack repair
  • automobile alignment rack removal
  • portable car lift installation, portable car lift repair, portable car lift removal and portable car lift relocation
  • floor jack repair, floor jack replacement and floor jack maintenance
  • brake lathe repair, brake lathe loaner, brake lathe installation andbrake lathe relocation
  • shop press repair, shop press installation and shop press relocation
  • dyno installation, dyno removal, dyno repair anddyno relocation
  • parts washer installation and parts washer repair
  • waste oil tank installation,waste oil tank repair, waste oil tank relocation and waste oil tank removal
  • under hoist jack stand replacement and under hoist jack stand repair
  • transmission jack replacement andtransmission jack repair
  • jack stand replacement
  • water reel installation
  • electric light reel installation

So whether you’re in need of car lift repair Ames or a car lift installed it would be included in your monthly price, best of all theres no contract, its month to month!

Give us a call today for your $1 service call!