We will come to you if needed and give you an accurate car lift installation or car lift repair Ames quote at no charge. Weather your a large automotive shop or just want one in your garage. There are some things that factor into your quote such as the make and model of your car lift as well as the height of your ceiling and concrete thickness. Other factors include: post tension slab, rebar depth, concrete thickness, in floor heat, in floor drains/piping, cracks in floor/joints, ceiling height, make of lift, model of lift, loading/unloading area, number of lifts going in, lift condition i.e. new or used, oil, transportation of lift, weather the lift or lifts need unloaded from a semi or not, and where you are located.

Definitions: Post tension slab-A post tension slab is a concrete slab that has steel cables running through it that have been placed under 33,000 +/- pounds of tension. This tension makes the concrete slab and foundation much stronger than concrete without reinforcement and helps reduce cracking.

Rebar depth: A steel reinforcing rod in concrete. This matters because if rebar is not deeper than 5 inches and we hit it, than we have to drill through it which takes time, prematurally wears out bits, and results in either the need of a longer anchor bolt or epoxy with the anchor bolt because the excess drilling time will cause the hole to be oblong.

Concrete thickness: Must meet minimum required depth from car lift manufacturer.

Shop Layout

Shop layout can be tricky, so whether your building a new facility, remodeling your existing one or just adding a car lift and have some questions give us a call and we’ll come out and help you lay it out for free. Some factors to take into consideration include: post tension slab, rebar depth, concrete thickness, in floor heat, in floor drains/piping, cracks in floor/joints, ceiling height, make of lift, model of lift, number of lifts going in, lift condition i.e. new or used, dyno location/above ground or pit (if applicable), work benches, electric car charging stations (if applicable), alignment racks above ground/pit, brake lathes, tire machines, tire balancers, air compressor, parts washer, floor slope, tool boxes, air reels, electric reels, exhaust hose, oil containment/dispensers, ac machines, transmission flush machines, tire racks, and many other similar factors.


We provide car lift repair Ames, other locations and car lift installation for new and used 2 post, scissors, mid rise, short rise, full rise, in ground, alignment racks and 4 post car lifts, as well as dyno installation above ground and in ground, frame machine, air compressor, oil containment equipment, strut machines, parts washers, work benches, air reels, custom whip hose, electric reels and other shop equipment. Weather it’s new, used or relocating we can handle it all.

Car Lift Repair

When your lift breaks down its not only costly because of the cars that can no longer be serviced but it can also be dangerous to your technician if it is not correctly repaired. Our car lift repair Ames and other locations services are quick, accurate and safe. We send out a technician to properly diagnose your lift right away so if we don’t have the parts on hand we can quickly get them ordered and so we correctly repair the car lift repair Ames the first time. If you are on our maintenance program we have a guaranteed 24 hour repair time on any and all of your lifts that break down. Car lift repair Ames or any other location in Iowa we generally have someone on site within 48 hours.


Our month to month maintenance program is perfect for any one with 10 lifts or more, the way it works is you pay us one flat rate monthly payment for the month, the first thing we will do is perform an inspection on every lift you have as well as paint booth, air compressor and dyno so that we can order parts and have them on hand if needed, and you simply use us as much as you would like and if you decide it’s not worth it let us know and don’t pay for the next month. Benefits of being on our annual maintenance program:

  • 24 hour repair time for your car lifts
  • Month to month contract
  • Inspections annually for all of your car lifts
  • We keep detailed records of each lift: the parts, and the money spent on each individual lift so you can track expenses per lift and know when it’s time to replace the lift and why
  • Tracking includes lifts failed and what we repaired on them so they passed as well as an inspection report per lift per bay
  • We purchase all of the essential parts for every make and model of lift that you have in your shop so we have parts in stock, so if you break down we can get you up and running within 24 hours. With no emergency repair fee
  • Annual air compressor maintenance, and if your air compressor breaks down leaving your shop with no air we have a temporary compressor we hook up while we repair your broken compressor to keep you up and running
  • Paint booth filter replacement as often as you need it weather its every week or every 2 months, and paint booth general maintenance and repair
  • Temporary paint booth provided if your paint booth is being replaced or has a long repair time
  • Mobile mid rise lift the fits between bays if we somehow cannot get your lift repaired within 24 hours


We are the only auto lift service company that stands behind their work, if your lift breaks down a minimum of 3 months after we inspect it, it’s on us (1.5 months for quick lube bays). Safety is of the utmost importance, having your car lift repair Ames and lift installation done correctly isn’t the only factor, having your car lift inspected annually is a crucial part to your technicians safety. Our inspections also include tracking, on the tracking sheet you will find whether you had any lifts fail the inspection, why they failed and what the estimated cost of repair for the lift is as well as each lift will have its own inspection sheet organized per bay that you can go back on and an explanation of why the part failed is crucial to the technicians safety. We also track the amount of dollars invested into each lift and the repairs we have done.

Give us a call today for your $1 dollar service call!