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How to Install a 2 Post Car Lift

How to install your 2 post car lift. 2 post lift installations can be trickier than one might think. The first step is checking to make sure that your concrete is going to be able to withstand the pressure of the car lift, you need to contact your construction manager or building architect if you are at all concerned about the strength of your concrete floor. The garage lift company does not cover and is not liable for the strength of your floor. Most garage lift companies require at least 4 inches of reinforced concrete.

Once you have determined that your floor is thick and strong enough for your garage lift you need to check your ceiling height, than find the installation instructions and check the height dimensions to be sure that your ceiling is tall enough to install your car lift. Once you have determined that you have tall enough ceilings you need to find the dimensions for the width than lay out the 2 post car lift repair Ames so that you know where it will be and that it will fit.

Be sure that neither of the garage lift posts are closer than 8 inches from any crack or defect in the concrete. Make sure to mark where the outer edge of the garage lift posts will be, you do this by first marking out your centerline than measuring out from that to the outer edges of where the car lift posts will be. Than make a centerline, use chalk line so that it is easily swept up when you are done.

Next you need to bolt the car lift post extensions to the car lift. I also find it easier to go through the directions and find everything that will be bolted to the top of the garage lift post except for the large overhead piece and bolt those pieces onto the car lift column, for instance your 2 post car lift repair Ames might have installation bolts that you can bolt on that will make your life much easier down the road.

Once you have done this you should slide your carriage up on your 2 post lift and attach the lower part of the equalizer cable and hydraulic hose, than roll them up in the car lifts column so that they can not be easily pinched. Once you have done this slide the carriage back down so that it doesn’t slam down while you are standing up the garage lift post. Next go stand up the car lift posts, you can do this either with a forklift or a crane. We would not recommend that you stand them up manually, as this can be dangerous if they get away from you.

We use a special hoist that was built specifically to stand up car lift posts for a 2 post car lift, this is the safest method because you can stand far away from the garage lift post and just simply poke a button. Once the car lift repair Ames posts are both stood up walk them into place carefully.

Make sure to center the base of the car lift on the center line and back it up to your mark on the center line for the back of the base of the 2 post lift column. Once you have done this you can make sure that you like where the car lift is located. As long as you like where the garage lift is located go ahead and bolt down the side of the car lift that has the least amount of room to move. You will need a rotary hammer drill to drill the holes, most car lift repair Ames use a three quarter inch anchor bolt, do not use anything smaller than what the installation instructions recommend. Be sure to vacuum or blow out the hole. Once this is done go a head and level the garage lift post using the shims that come with it, than torque the anchor bolts to what the installation instructions recommend which is generally 100 to 150 foot pounds.

Once this is done, go ahead and install the cross member overhead piece, be sure to get someone to help you put it up or use the proper equipment. Bolt and tighten it to the side of the garage lift post that is torqued down first than to the loose car lift repair Ames post that is just sitting. This is a good way to be sure that you have both of the car lift posts in the correct spot before bolting them down. Next be sure that the loose garage lift post is standing level back and forth, you can move the garage lift post around with a hammer and a block of wood until it is level or close to level.

Next drill the holes, than clean the holes out, make sure you drill the hole deep enough, it is best to drill all the way through the concrete so that the anchor bolts can easily be driven through the floor down the road if you ever get rid of the car lift or anything like that. Now go ahead and install the anchor bolts and level the car lift post with the shims that were sent with. Next torque the anchor bolts, once you have finished all of this hang the pump up onto the 2 post car lifts column. Next get your ladder or man lift and string the hydraulic hose and the equalizer cables across the top and down the other garage lift post. Now if applicable install your pulleys and lay your equalizer cables over top of them.

Now go ahead and attach the equalizer cables to the carriages on the 2 post car lift repair Ames and tighten them down, be careful to not over tighten them this will cause the sheaves to wear out prematurely. Once this done you can connect the hydraulic hoses together and down to the pump on the garage lift, be sure that the hydraulic hoses are routed correctly and that no moving parts will be rubbing them. Next if applicable put together and route your locks and lock cable for the 2 post lift. Once this is done you can fill the reservoir with fluid, use the fluid that the instructions want you to use than bleed the hydraulic system and top off the fluid again. Be sure to use and follow the installation instructions for your garage lift and also be sure to put up all safety labels. This article does not replace the installation instructions for any car lift, and Automotive Lift Services is not at all liable for the outcome your car lift installation because of this article.

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