Give Back

We give back to Justin Wrens organization Fight for the Forgotten, they help provide water, land and freedom for slaves in countries abroad as well as attack bullying here in the U.S. through their Heroes In Waiting anti-bullying and character development curriculum which is being implemented in martial arts academies across the nation. For every car lift repair companies Ames we service we give $10.00 to Fight for the Forgotten, so that means if we come out and work on your lift once we give $10 or if we service your 10 lifts in your shop we give $100 to Fight for the Forgotten to help people abroad find health and freedom as well as grow the health of our own local communities. We are motivated and want our employees to be motivated to do high quality work not just because we want to be the best car lift service company in the world (we definitely do), but also because the more we service the more we give.


Fight for the Forgotten, Justin Wren leads the charge for the Fight for the Forgotten organization. He founded the organization after his life was changed by traveling to the Congo and finding the Pygmies. The Pygmies are preyed on by rebels in  Africa and are being killed, raped and even eatin. Justin is using his skills and tools that he has built up by being a fighter in the MMA for his whole life to help them gain freedom. 

Justin Wren earned the name the big Pygmy by living with the Pygmies for a full year, this is how he really became a part of their family and learned their culture. They call him  Eféosa, the meaning of Eféosa is “The Man Who Loves Us”. His mission in the beginning was just to get the Pygmies access to sustainable clean water, their own land and sustainable crops, the Pygmies now have around 3,000 acres of land dozens of wells and they are no longer slaves. They now have Pygmy leaders developing their community in the areas of sustainable agriculture, education and vocational training. Justin has now expanded his organization to fight bullying here in the US. 


 Fight for the Forgotten is located in Oklahoma City U.S.A. on 2525 NW 112th Street. Where Justin really started the organization was in the  Ituri rainforest in the Congo. Now he and his organization Fight for the Forgotten work in about every state in the U.S. as well as continuing their work freeing the Mbuti Pygmies in the Ituri rainforest in the Congo. 


We at car lift repair companies Ames partnered with Justin Wren’s organization Fight for the Forgotten in May of 2019, we decided that we did not want Automotive Lift Services to be just another company making a profit and no difference to the overall good of people outside of making our customers lives safer, easier and less stressful. That is why we partnered with Justin Wrens organization Fight for the Forgotten. It makes working more rewarding as well knowing that as we grow Automotive Lift Services we will be providing funds to dig wells for people we have never even met that are otherwise dying of completely preventable waterborne diseases. This is a large part of the reason that we won’t stop over delivering to our customers and continue earning the business of new customers. We take our work to heart here, so give us a chance, what other car lift repair companies Ames actually care about the well being of others enough to give part of their income to help that could otherwise be profit. 


When you are looking for a good car lift repair companies Ames just know that for every time you have us service your equipment we give a portion away to Fight bulling and slavery and we offer your first service call for one dollar, we also offer your first car lift inspection for one dollar, that means you can try us out and decide for yourself whether we are a good fit for you and or your company or not. I mean seriously one dollar, if you don’t like us just kick us out, there’s no contract, no hidden fees, no bs just us proving to you that we provide fast excellent service and that we will appreciate your business in the years to come because of how hard we work to earn your business.


How we calculate what to give back is really pretty simple, if we come out and work on your lift we give $10.00, if we come out and work on the lifts in your shop we give $10 per lift per time we service them. And $5 per time we work on an air compressor, frame machine, tire machine or any other kind of shop equipment. For instance if we came out and inspected your lifts and you had 25 lifts we would give $250.00. So when your searching for car lift repair companies Ames look no further we here at Automotive Lift Services are proud to not only be the highest and most reviewed car lift repair companies ames but also to our knowledge the only car lift company that gives back on every job. If you have never used us before your first service call with us is only $1 dollar, we are also offering $1 dollar first time lift inspections, so give us a call today at 800 674 9302. Our 1 dollar lift inspections are 1 dollar per facility, and it includes all of your automotive lifts as well as frame machines, chain hoists, and air compressors. The air compressors, chain hoists, and frame machines do not hold the same warranty that we provide on the car lifts. Car lift warranty after we inspect them ranges from 1.5 months to 1 year long, it does not include hydraulic cylinders, pumps, or any electronics. The warranty time depends on the age, brand, condition, and consistency of use (such as quick lube bays) of the lift. Warranty is only given on lifts that pass the inspection.