Lift Inspections

2 Post lift inspections

The first step in 2 post car lift inspections is to check the anchor bolts, anchor bolts should be tightened to roughly one hundred foot pounds of torque when first installed. After initial installation the 2 post lift anchor bolts should be torqued generally to at least 80 foot pounds of torque. The next step is to go through and check for cracks and rust and bad wear marks on the 2 post lifts columns. If there is severe rust on the car lifts columns the lift will need to be replaced.

If there is just bad wear marks this means that usually the slide blocks on the carriage of the 2 post lift are completely worn out and have weakened the metal on the column of the car lift repair Ames this also means that the car lift will need to be replaced, you can replace just the column but normally at this stage it is more cost effective to replace the lift entirely. Any cracks in the column of the 2 post lift especially near the bottom of the lift column will mean that the garage lift post will need to be replaced if not the entire garage lift. You can replace just the 2 post car lift repair Ames one post but generally it is cheaper and safer and makes more sense to replace the whole 2 post lift.

The next step is to get a caliper and check the thickness of the cables to see if they have stretched too much or not. You can contact your 2 post car lift manufacturer to figure out whether the lifts equalizer cables have stretched too much or not. Also be sure to do a visual inspection of the car lifts equalizer cables for fraying, be sure to use a ladder and get up high enough to actually see all of the car lifts equalizer cables. It is also a good idea to run the garage lift up and down than check the equalizer cables again so that you know that you didn’t miss a spot under the pulleys of the 2 post garage lift. Next step is to check the lock cable this is generally easiest to do while you are up on the ladder checking the equalizer cables. check for fraying.

Also be sure too try them and test them. Check to be sure that the actual locks on the 2 post car lift repair Ames engage fully, they should make a clicking or clunking sound when they engage, both at the same time. Next thing to check is to check and be sure that 2 post lift equalizer cables are adjusted to the right tension, generally you should be able to just about pull the cables on the car lift repair Ames together by squeezing them between your fingers.

If they are easily pinched together or you are able to move them further than what the other equalizer cable is than they are too loose. Be sure to make sure that the cable that is not easily seen has threads above the nut. Many times on 2 post garage lifts the equalizer cable that comes up from the bottom and is not as easily seen is really loose because the nut on the cable has worked itself up and loose. Generally most equalizer cable nut’s are fifteen sixteenths of an inch in size and can be adjusted easily with a ratcheting wrench and generally a nine sixteenths wrench to hold the equalizer cable.

If the bottom cable is loose and you cannot reach it, the way to tighten it generally is to remove the nut on the easy to get to equalizer cable on the other post of the 2 post car lift than go ahead and put a wire around it with a nut to hold the nut on so that you can pull the equalizer cable back up. Than go back to the other side of the 2 post lift column and pull or push from the bottom that cable up to the point where it is easily accessible.

It is best to lift the 2 post car lift up to the first set of locks and lower it on the locks so that you can reach the bottom of the equalizer cable and be able to push it up to the top of the carriage on the car lift. Once it is easily accessible, go ahead and use a wrench and a ratchet with socket or ratcheting wrench and tighten up the cable, next lower the cable back in and go to the other side of the 2 post garage lift and grab the wire and pull that side of the equalizer cable back up and put it through its proper hole and put the nut on and adjust to the proper tension. Next with your ladder still set up next to the car lift repair Ames go ahead and check the hydraulic hose for cracking or stiff spots or spots that are seeping.

Any spot on the hydraulic hose of the 2 post lift that is seeping or cracking or stiff means that the hydraulic hose will need to be replaced. Next be sure that al thel fittings for the hydraulic system on the 2 post lift are not seeping or leaking tighten if necessary. Now check for seepage of the seals on the hydraulic cylinders of the 2 post lift. if there is any seepage the cylinder will need to be either replace or overhauled. Check also for cracking on the cylinder walls of the car lifts cylinders.

If there is any cracking or rusty spots especially on the rod of the cylinder the cylinder will need to be replaced. Rusting of the rod in the cylinder of the car lift repair Ames hydraulic cylinder will wear it out and cause a leak on the seal of the hydraulic cylinder. Next lower the 2 post car lift all the way down and check the fluid level in the reservoir.

If the fluid is really dirty looking, the hydraulic system will need to be flushed out. If it needs flushing or to be topped off be sure to check your car lifts manual for what kind of fluid to put in it, generally it is hydraulic fluid or ATF, also be sure to not mix fluid types. Automotive Lift Services is not at all liable for the inspection you perform on your 2 post lift or anyone else’s 2 post car lift because of this article.

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