Ames Hydraulics

If you are looking for hydraulic repair or supplies in the Ames, Des Moines or the central Iowa area you have come to the right place. We are Ames Hydraulics, we provide mobile hydraulic repair, in house hydraulic repair and hydraulic supplies for sale in store or online. Our mission is to become the absolute fastest hydraulic shop in the world and maintain no higher than a three percent margin of error. Automotive Lift Services and Hydraulics provides cylinder repair, barrel replacement, cylinder rod replacement, cylinder rebuilding, hose replacement, hydraulic motor repairs and replacement, on site equipment repair, in house equipment repair, diagnostics, cylinder/hose pick up and delivery services, and we have a large inventory of fittings, hoses, seals, motors, couplers, Graco parts, Rotary parts, Challenger parts and much more! The reason we keep over 70,000 parts in stock is to lower job turnaround time for our customers. Ames hydraulics is not your average hydraulic shop, our aim to be the fastest hydraulic shop in the world brings many other added benefits that are not thought of initially.

Some of those extra benefits include training, we train our technicians and have a process for what they start off doing so we can quickly learn who is truly a great team member, from there we work with them to build up their skills until they are able to work without being tightly managed. Other added benefits include we provide stocking programs for our repeat clients so they always have their parts in stock when they need them. Our quick rebuild time on hydraulic cylinders allows us to be competitive with hydraulic shops all over the country, even with us waiting to receive the cylinder and shipping hydraulic cylinders back when we are done. The time we aim for when rebuilding cylinders and repairing equipment is 48hrs, forty eight hours after we receive the project we want to be able to complete the project and return it to the customer in excellent working condition. Because of this quick turnaround time we also offer Ames hydraulics pick up and delivery services for central Iowa, areas include: Mason City, Clear Lake, Fort Dodge, Webster City, Marshalltown, Boone, Carrol, Norwalk, Indianola, Newton, Altoona, Waukee, and surrounding areas.

Our process for typical Ames hydraulics repairs is you call us, we make a quote, you pay a deposit on the quote to move forward (depending on how much it is), then we knock out the service and you pay us the remaining balance as long as you are satisfied with our work. Automotive Lift Services and Hydraulics also offers a monthly subscription service that guarantees that we will have the parts needed for your equipment in stock and held in case you need them. This subscription plan also guarantees that we will repair your equipment within 48 hours (repair time depends on equipment and your location), or you get the next month free. The process for our subscription plan is, 1. You contact us, via call, text, email or stopping by in person, we then set the clock and get the job on our calendar within the time range that we have in the contract (typically 48 hours). Once the job is complete we make sure you are happy with it and that’s it. No extra bill, no rush fee, no bill for the parts or labor. Just call and it’s fixed.

If you are interested in our Ames hydraulics monthly services plan just give us a call, text, email or swing by in person and we will get you on the calendar to take a look at the equipment in person and make a quote. All hydraulic cylinders we rebuild are guaranteed for 1 year unless otherwise stated. Otherwise stated typically includes staged cylinders, many times staged truck cylinders can only be rebuilt once or twice if at all. The reason they are not as rebuildable is many times the chrome plating inside the cylinder barrel, or inside one of the cylinder barrels is worn off. The chrome plating in staged hydraulic cylinders is likely to rub off because they are always being used at the same angle, this continued offset pressure put on the cylinder at an angle is what wears it out. When the cylinder on a dump truck is raised all the way up, it is forced to angle towards the box, and many times while it is in this position the truck is moving which adds to the offset pressure on the cylinder. Other Ames hydraulics items that are not always rebuildable are hydraulic motors, if the gears inside the motor are shredded, they will send little pieces of steel through the rest of the motor at a high pressure and wipe out the remaining bearings.

Automotive Lift Services and Hydraulics sells hydraulic motors and keeps the common models in stock for this reason. Auto Lift Services and Hydraulics provides hydraulic hose replacement, we can remove the hose from your equipment, make the new hose and install it on your equipment. We provide this service at our shop and through our mobile service vans. We also stock hydraulic oil in bulk, so if you’re low you can swing by and we can run the hose out to your truck and top it off, we also sell hydraulic fluid by the gallon inside if you do not have your own container. Auto Lift Services and Hydraulics also services bulk oil equipment such as Graco equipment, we can go to your shop or your oil delivery truck and perform repairs. Some of the repairs available are hose replacement, oil dispenser replacement, oil pump replacement, oil pump leak repair, and much more! Here at Auto Lift Services and Hydraulics we are also able to supply you with hydraulic crimpers, crimper dies, hoses, hose fittings, general fittings and other hydraulic parts. We offer pick up and delivery services for these programs, if you would like to start repairing your own hydraulic hoses and want pricing on hoses, crimper, crimper dies, hose fitting or other hydraulic supplies just give us a call today!