Car Lift Repair Des Moines is the most experienced and familiar automotive repair service in the state of Iowa. Automotive car lifts are very complicated and complex pieces of machinery that require a highly trained professional to service and maintain as well as install and a new shop. There are many things that go into installing a new lifts such as knowing and understanding what type of concrete foundation is in your shop, and also knowing and understanding how much weight that your shop floor can hold. That’s why you should trust a trained professional show up and do the job right do it on time, trust Automotive Lift Services.

Looking forward Car Lift Repair Des Moines Automotive Lift Services can solve every problem that you may face, from installation to our lifelong service maintenance plan you know that you are in good hands whenever you call 800-674-9302 to get a highly trained professional out to service your car lift investment. Neglecting service and maintenance on your automotive lift could be very dangerous cause destruction to customers property as well as injure your technicians. Don’t let that happen to you instead, call the trained professionals, call Automotive Lift Services.

Our goal is to provide efficient and timely Car Lift Repair Des Moines and we guarantee guarantee to that you will be 100% satisfied with our services. We offer than just lift installation, we actually offer a wide range in selection of products and services so head over to our and take a look at everything that we do. Whenever you use us know that your money is also going to great charitable causes. We donate a portion of our proceeds to the charity fight for the forgotten. This charity makes a huge difference in our own community by fighting bullying, as well as freeing people in countries like Africa and the Dominican Republic of the Congo from slavery and chewing wills to save people from waterborne diseases.

We can’t wait to build a long-lasting and professional relationship with you and your company. We know as small business owners the time means everything, which is why we will never waste yours. We promise and guarantee to show up on time every time the jobs 100%. We will never make excuses as why we cannot job, I will never get you a surprise for us. Our experience and expertise in this industry allows us to make accurate quotes and diagnostics before we begin our work.

Looking for the best call Automotive Lift Services 800-674-9302. We offer a long and detailed list of services for installation and maintenance for your automotive lifts as well as hydraulic cylinder repair. So make sure to visit our website just to see exactly what we do. While you are visiting our wonderful and easy to use website, be sure to check out what all of our amazing customers and clients are saying about us and asked her to look at all were perfect five star Google review ratings. We have worked incredibly hard to make a name known for quality craftsmanship being the top in our industry.

We would like to offer our Car Lift Repair Des Moines services!


Automotive Lift Services offers a very important Car Lift Repair Des Moines. The automotive industry is huge in the state of Iowa. People need to have reliable transportation and depends on honest mechanic shops to keep their vehicles on the road. However those mechanic shops rely on automotive lifts, which is a very expensive piece of machinery. Occasionally these lifts will break down and need somebody to repair them. That is where we come in. We will show up on time, exactly whatever we say, the job will be completed 100%.

Call today for all of your Car Lift Repair Des Moines needs and see what we are a step above the competition from the services that we offer all the way to our competitive prices. Setting up a new automotive shop can be very tedious and if not done right can hurt your efficiency very much. Utilize as much is your floor spaces as possible to keep jobs rolling out and keep money flowing into your business. Since we are a small business ourselves we know exactly how stressful it can be one of you have unexpected breakdowns of your equipment. This is why we have highly trained and experienced technicians on standby 24 hours a day and they can be at your shop in less than 48 hours and can often times complete the repair in less than a few hours.

When depending on Car Lift Repair Des Moines companies only one can stand out above the rest and that is Automotive Lift Services. Anything related to hydraulic cylinders or automotive lifts we have you covered. We are hard-working, generous, and we will always show up on time and do her best work every time. We support fight for the forgotten charity organization by donating 10% of our profits as well as donating $10 for every lifts that is installed. This truly is an amazing charity that is a lot of incredible work in the communities as well as the countries in Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Right here in the United States they stand against bullying and everything that they can to fight it every single day.

Trust the professionals to maintain your investment in equipment and call us today at 800-674-9302 should visit our website and ask about a one dollar first-time service charge. We have worked hard to build up a wonderful invitation this industry to build this company the ground up. We know how stressful running a small business can be we know just how much your time matters. That’s why we will do whatever we can to keep your shop flowing in as efficient as possible and to keep production up.

So if you’re ready to see why we are the best call us immediately schedule the service at 800-674-9302 take a look at our long list of services that we provide as well as detail inspections that we do in our website We can’t wait to keep your efficiency up to keep your business flowing and look forward to building a long-lasting relationship with you.