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Automotive Lift Services is the only Car Lift Repair Iowa that you can depend on. We keep a large stock of spare parts on hand for many popular automotive lifts so we can quickly swap and replace parts to get your lift operating again. Guaranteed to show up on time to always put our best foot forward. We have highly trained and very experienced technicians on standby so we can be at your shop within 48 hours, 24 hours a day seven days a week. No other service has same quality standards that we do, nor do they understand the struggles and challenges that come with having a small business like we do.

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Did another company install your lifts an efficient manner? No problem with our experience we can even relocate and installed lift to wherever you wanted to be. We also do more than just lift services and installation, we can service all of your leaky hydraulic systems on forklifts, agricultural equipment, as well as any other engine hoist or hydraulic equipment.

We will always be there for you with our 24 hour a day seven days a week emergency services, but we will never charge charge you extra for an emergency call. Call today at 800-674-9302 or visit our wonderful website at par with website and take a look at are very detailed and comprehensive services that we offer. Being a small business owner we understand that efficiency means everything. We do everything we can to not interrupt your productivity and keep jobs going out money rolling in your doors. If any equipment such as your air compressor or your paint booth is down for more than 24 hours we are prepared to make up for this by plumbing in our own air compressor or setting up our own inflatable paint booth so your shop productions can keep rolling.

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