Auto lifts play a crucial role in the automotive industry, necessitating regular inspection and maintenance for safety. Recognizing this importance, OSHA adheres to the ANSI/ALI ALOIM: 2020 Standard, developed in collaboration with the Automotive Lift Institute, Inc., to ensure safe operation, inspection, and maintenance of automotive lifts. This standard mandates that auto lifts undergo annual inspection by qualified lift inspectors.

A qualified lift inspector, according to ANSI criteria, possesses:

1) Knowledge of personal safety practices for conducting automotive lift inspections.

2) Familiarity with industry terminology, including ANSI/ALI ALCTV definitions.

3) Ability to comprehend equipment manuals, drawings, and parts lists.

4) Understanding of automotive lift components and their functions.

5) Proficiency in electrical and electronic control circuit principles.

6) Familiarity with mechanical principles and their applications.

7) Understanding of hydraulic and pneumatic principles relevant to lift operation.

8) Knowledge of different types of automotive lifts, their uses, and limitations.


Given the rigorous training needed to become a qualified lift inspector, outsourcing inspections to external vendors is common. Car Lift Repair Tampa Florida  offers a directory of such vendors for assistance.

To ensure the proper functioning of auto lifts before annual inspections, owners or employers should ensure operators are trained in safe lift operation using manufacturer-provided instructions and warning labels. Operators must utilize all safety features and maintain cleanliness in the lift area. Training should emphasize the importance of noticing:

1) Accessibility and readability of Car Lift Repair Tampa Florida operating procedures and safety materials.

2) Visibility of safety warning labels.

3) Legibility of lift load capacity ratings.

4) Correct operation of lift controls and safety devices.

5) Identification of structural or component wear and deformation.

7) Any signs of damage or excessive wear on the contact points of the lift that come into contact with the vehicle during lifting, whether they involve the tires, frame, body, or axles.

8) Indications of hydraulic or pneumatic leaks.

9) Unusual sounds, sudden movements, irregular operations, or signs of debris or metal shavings during operation.

10) Cracks or loose concrete surrounding floor anchor bolts.

11) Suspicious attachments, whether professionally manufactured, shop-made, or homemade.

If any of these issues are observed, the Car Lift Repair Tampa Florida llift operator will promptly notify the supervisor. The lift will not be used until the necessary maintenance or repairs are completed. To ensure that the lift remains out of use until repairs are conducted, it will be locked out or tagged out in accordance with lockout/tagout regulations.

Car Lift Repair Tampa Florida Lift Inspection

Upon the delivery, assembly, and installation of your lift, it is imperative to conduct a thorough inspection of this robust machinery to ensure its proper functioning.

The last thing you want is to risk the car falling off the lift, which could result in damage to the vehicle, your garage floor, and potential harm to yourself.

An inspection of the automotive lift should encompass various essential components, including:

– Comprehensive functionality testing, which involves moving the lift up and down, assessing holding capacity, checking shut-offs, and verifying proper alignment.

– Examination of structural elements for indications of fatigue, misuse, or overloading.

– Testing the safety latches and springs.

– Inspection and adjustment of cables, arm locks, sliding blocks, screws, bolts, nuts, floor anchors, and securing devices.

– Evaluation of electrical components.

Once your home auto lift undergoes inspection by a certified Automotive Lift Institute inspector, such as those at Car Lift Repair Tampa Florida, you can rest assured that you are prepared for safe usage.

However, it’s essential to review additional safety guidelines as outlined by the ALI.

Lift Safety Checklist

Both Car Lift Repair Tampa Florida and the ALI emphasize adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions for safe and proper lift operation.

Additional recommended safety measures include:

– Daily inspection of the lift for signs of wear or fatigue.

– Utilization of only OEM replacement parts for repairs.

– Avoiding overloading the lift beyond its capacity.

– Never lifting a vehicle with a person inside.

– Maintaining a clutter-free lift area, free from debris and litter.

– Ensuring engagement of locking devices before performing work beneath the vehicle or lift.

– Lifting the vehicle only at recommended lifting points.

– Clearing materials from beneath the vehicle before lowering.

– Using supplementary stands when necessary to prevent instability.

The Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) has introduced a new inspection process, Car Lift Repair Tampa Florida Certified Lift Inspection, for over 500 ALI Certified Lift Inspectors across North America. This comprehensive examination encompasses all types of vehicle lifts, including car lifts, truck lifts, and others.

The Car Lift Repair Tampa Florida Certified Lift Inspection entails a thorough assessment of the lift’s structure, as well as its electrical and mechanical components. Additionally, the inspection covers a review of training records, operational guidelines, and safety materials. These inspections adhere to the national safety standard for lift operation, inspection, and maintenance, ANSI/ALI ALOIM.

The ALI Lift Inspector Certification Program, initiated in 2012, was established to standardize lift inspection procedures and certify qualified inspectors. It remains the sole program to credential inspectors and independently verify their qualifications to inspect any lift type.

With the introduction of Car Lift Repair Tampa Florida, ALI has updated inspection protocols for all lift varieties, ensuring customers receive thorough inspections meeting industry standards.

Bob O’Gorman, ALI president, emphasizes the importance of Car Lift Repair Tampa Florida, as it provides customers with confidence in receiving inspections aligned with national safety standards. Only ALI Certified Lift Inspectors are authorized to conduct Car Lift Repair Tampa Florida inspections, ensuring consistency and compliance.

Upon completion of the inspection, customers receive a comprehensive report, and the inspector affixes a new Car Lift Repair Tampa Florida Certified Lift Inspection label to each passed lift. This label features the Car Lift Repair Tampa Florida mark, the ALI Certified Lift Inspector hologram, a serial number matching the inspection report, and the inspector’s unique four-digit ID.

Each year, a new label color is introduced (e.g., 2021 labels are orange), and all unused labels are inventoried annually. Car Lift Repair Tampa Florida labels are exclusively applied by ALI Certified Lift Inspectors.