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For all of your car lift repair needs visit our website autoliftserv.com to take a look at our long and you told extensiveness of services that we offer. If you are in the great state of Iowa we can service regardless the shop is at. Don’t take our word for our amazing service , take a look at our amazing reviews and see what customers are saying about us. If you have been working on that lift to try to get it working for hours then call the professionals to get it done right.

If you are needing car lift repair the state of Iowa call 800-674-9302 and get started on the service plan. We can service and maintain any of your lifts, to keep them running in peak condition with reduced downtime. Save money and protect your investment with our comprehensive service plan. We are a step above our competition in terms of service but our services are more than affordable. But don’t just take our word for it, head over to our website to look at all the amazing reviews are perfect five-star Google review. We guarantee that you will become very satisfied with our services. We have trained technicians show up at your shop in less than 48 hours under complete installations or repair jobs in less than 24 hours. However the rare event occurred that it does take more than 24 hours, we are prepared to make up for the loss and downtime. If your compressor is down for more than 24 hours we can plumber own into your system so that we can keep your shop rolling and open.

When you go with Automotive Lift Services you know that your money is also going to support a great cause. we donate 10% of our proceeds to fight for the forgotten charities. This is an amazing charity the fights to stop bullying the United States, works to fight against slavery and they dig wells and countries in Africa of the Dominican Republic of Congo. So you do whatever you use us your money is going to amazing organization the truly is bettering our world.

Visit our website autoliftserv.com and call 800-674-9302 you started on our amazing service today. While you’re at our website be sure to took a look at all the services that we offer. Whether it’s installation, repair, maintenance Automotive Lift Services has recovered from beginning to end. Let our work speak for itself and we guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied the services. Using us you can see where we are the best car lift repair service the entire state of Iowa. Forward to working with you and your company and hope to build a long-lasting personal and professional relationship with you.

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For all of your car lift repair needs and services repair company has you covered small or big. We not only a specialist in installing automotive lifts we can service, repair, and maintain your existing lifts. If your shop is expanding you just need to reorganize your floor layout we can also move existing lifts for you. We always show up on time for work as hard as possible to make sure that your shop is open and we will never impede Your flow of progress. As a small business owner we noticed how important it is to make sure your shop is open at all times. We we understand that time is money and as a small business owner both are critically valuable and important to you.

If you are in Iowa and your shop needs car lift repairs, Automotive Lift Services is the answer to all your problems. Call 800-674-9302 visit our website autoliftserv.com and ask about one dollar first time service charge. We guarantee that you’ll never find another service company like ours. Look at our reviews to see what all of our amazing customers or clients have to say about our services. It’s pretty clear with our five-star rating that we go above and beyond for all of our customers. We do whatever we can to keep your shop rolling and firing on all cylinders. Keep jobs rolling out money flowing in and keep those automotive lifts in peak condition.

When trying to do car lift repair many companies will pull their technicians off of paying jobs. This is inefficient and slows production down on your shop. When production goes down so do your profits. Not to mention if your technician is not scheduled or is unfamiliar with automotive lift they can make fatal mistakes that cause injury or even damage to your customers property. This is why you should only trust a certified professional to come in and service, repair, or maintain your lift. You should only trust the trained professionals, we are very experienced we can oftentimes fix the problem within a few hours. And we guarantee that your problem will be fixed in 24 hours or less you will be 100% satisfied with the work. We stand behind and we guarantee all the jobs that we do we will never leave you hanging will show up on time with the job right every time.

We years of experience in the construction industry that helps us to understand concrete floor to be able to determine how much weight the floor can hold. We can make sure your shop and safe before any of the automotive lifts or even installed. Trust to professionals trust the best. One of our customers told us a story about how they tried to repair their lift for hours. This took up an entire day of paying jobs or could’ve gotten done. When they called us we showed and got their lift working in about two hours.

If this sounds a great deal to you call now at 800-674-9302 visitor website autoliftserv.com be sure to schedule your first one dollar service appointment with Automotive Lift Services. We look forward to working with you into keeping your shop firing on all cylinders.