The founders of Automotive Lift Services have a long history in Des Moines car lift repair it was founded in 2019 by young entrepreneur Josiah Ragsdale. He started this company working with his dad is selling automotive lifts Hunter equipment. After his dad would make a sale, Josiah would come back behind to install the with a friend. Prior to the founding 2019 he actually did this for about three years. He eventually started to make enough money to where he could do this full-time 2019. Then he founded and opened up Automotive Lift Services officially time.

With Josiah, the founder, specializing in Des Moines Car Lift Repair you can trust professional and know that your left is in good hands. Josiah saw a need for the state of Iowa for a service that services and maintains automotive lifts. We worked hard to build his own company from the ground up so he understands how small business works and how important it is to keep production flowing. He is a hardest working young man will ever meet, it is guaranteed to leave your left functional and a perfect working condition.

Dont let his age fool you in being an expert Des Moines Car Lift Repair. Josiah works hand-in-hand with his dad for years to build a firm foundation in understanding not only the construction field but also installing automotive lifts. He also has a big heart and donates a portion of his proceeds to fight for the forgotten charities. He donates 10% of all of his earnings he also donates $10 for every automotive lift that he installs.

Decided guarantees that you will be 100% satisfied with the service you will go above and beyond to make sure that all of your small business automotive needs are met. He truly has a passion for his work and excels at everything that he does. He expects nothing less than perfection from himself stands behind and guarantees his work. As a matter of fact, he guarantees it will be so satisfied with his work and services that he offers the first time one dollars service charge. This is a chance for to you why he is indeed the best in industry, to show you that he is truly earned his five-star Google reviews the history us up above all the competition while maintaining affordability, integrity, and respect.

Visit the or call at 800-674-9302 and schedule your first service for only one dollar. Also be sure to check out our detailed and comprehensive service plan to keep your lips operating at maximum efficiency and to keep your doors open, jobs coming in and flowing out. We look forward to building a long-lasting professional and personal relationship with all of her customers, and while you are at our website be sure to check out and see what other customers are saying about us. We offer a 24 hour a day seven day a week emergency line but we will never charge you an emergency charge.

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Looking for Des Moines Car Lift Repair is an obvious choice to call Automotive Lift Services at 800-674-9302. We go above and beyond to meet and exceed your client expectations. We will always show up on time, always do our best work, and we donate 10% of the proceeds to charities such as fight for the forgotten. This charity does a lot of work in our community such as standing up against bullying, they also do work in countries such as Africa by fighting and freeing people from slavery and digging up wells to protect from waterborne diseases.

Call Automotive Lift Services immediately at 800-674-9302 and ask us about our first time Des Moines Car Lift Repair customer one dollars service charge. Although we are located at Ames Iowa, we probably service the entire state we are not afraid to travel to your location regardless of your supplication. We offer a wide range of services and if any of your equipment is down for more than 24 hours, such as your paint booth or your air compressor, we are prepared to compensate for this downtime by providing our own air compressor and setting up an inflatable paint booth so your shop can maintain maximum efficiency and productivity.

Looking for Des Moines Car Lift Repair what no further than Automotive Lift Services and call 800-674-9302 or visit her website and take a look at what all of our amazing clients and customers are saying about us. Make sure and take a look at our comprehensive and detailed maintenance program to keep your machinery humming along as if it were brand-new. We guarantee that will be 100% satisfied with the services and you will never want to use competition again. So you transfer the first time one dollars service charge see what we truly are some of the competition. Our prices are extremely affordable, however our quality of work and or craftsmanship is the top In the industry.

Whatever you call Automotive Lift Services you know is a step above the rest and above the competition. You know you’re getting top-of-the-line quality, service, as well is a company that actually cares about your needs as a small business owner. Being small business owners we understand the struggles and the stresses that come with running an efficient business. That’s why efficiency and affordability is our goal, we will always show up on time and we have highly trained technicians are sent by 24 hours a day seven days a week to show your shop in less than 48 hours.

If this sounds a great deal to you call Automotive Lift Services right now at 800-674-9302 visitor Our service will really speak for itself will guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our long list of products and services. Our turnaround time is the best in the industry since we keep many spare parts for many popular car lifts on hand so that we can quickly swap them out. We also provide a very detailed maintenance log so whenever it’s time for a part to be replaced on your left we know whenever it needs to be replaced.