When trying trying to Find Best Car Lift Repair Ames it’s important to know why a company exists. Does the company exist just to make a dollar? Do they care about what they do? Automotive Lift Services exists because we saw a need to have a timely, affordable, and hard-working automotive lift service. Automotive Lift Services was officially founded in 2019 by 19-year-old Josiah Ragsdale. Josiah got his start selling automotive lifts along with Hunter engineering equipment and installing the lifts that his dad sold. Over time began to make more money installing the lifts, and with a helpful hand of his dad established the company full-time.

Your quest to find best Car Lift Repair Ames is over whenever it comes to Automotive Lift Services. Call today 800-674-9302 and ask about our one dollar first-time service plan. We promise to always show up on time, we will never interrupt your shops flow. We exist to maintain and service all of your lifts, and to keep them working in peak condition. We also help out other charities and organizations by donating 10% of our earnings to Justin Wren’s organization, fight for the forgotten. Rest easy knowing that your hard-earned money is being spent hard-working young man that will over-the-top to satisfy your automotive lift needs.

When trying to find best Car Lift Repair Ames, is important that we make ourselves 24 hours a day seven days a week. We know that in the automotive industry time is money and any type of delay can cost you valuable money and make your customers upset. Also having an unsafe lifts can enter your technicians causing them to get out of work. If you look does them and also put your technician out of work and are essentially paying them to do nothing Wasting money.

We work hard to earn your trust we offer an amazing lifetime service plan, that has fixed rates, annual inspections for all of your lives, trekking for all of your car lifts, as well as a portable inflatable or air compressor tank if it’s down for more than 24 hours. So as you can see we truly care about maintaining your shop efficiency never experienced downtimes again are incredible and overtop services. Even though our quality of craftsmanship is miles ahead of the competition are researching the affordable and very competitive. Never experience surprise bills again with a flat rate service plans.

Call immediately at 800-674-9302 and visit her website@www.autoliftserv.com to see why Automotive Lift Services goes above and beyond the competition while maintaining a competitive and very affordable price. We look forward to building a long-lasting relationship with you and your business and work hard to keep it flowing as efficiently as possible. We work hard to get your respect we strive for honesty, integrity, and respect and with that we do. So give us a call today to see what sets us apart from the competition, we guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied.

We can help you Find Best Car Lift Repair Ames has!


Trying to Find Best Car Lift Repair Ames, doesn’t have to be complicated. You can trust Automotive Lift Services to go above and beyond the competition and everything that we do we will always show up on time, work hard, be honest, do everything that we can to keep the shop flowing efficiently and smoothly to keep jobs going out the door money rolling in. Being small business owners ourselves we notice how much this means to you, which is why we will never waste your time or your money. We know that you have worked hard for every dollar that you have made. That’s why we will never waste it, in our experience and expertise in this industry allows us make accurate quotes the first time and we get it right the first time.

Find best Car Lift Repair Ames the entire state of Iowa. We probably service and will travel to wherever your shop is at. We have a 24 hour day seven days a week emergency service and we will never charge an emergency charge. Take a look at the minutes for them to see what they can offer for you, it truly is an amazing and fantastic service that will save you much money in the long run. You will always do our best to make sure your needs as are met, and that your shop is as efficient as it possibly can be.

Automotive Lift Services is your end all solution to trying to find best Car Lift Repair Ames in this wonderful state of Iowa. Besides offering car lift installation and maintenance, can also service all of your hydraulic cylinders on agricultural equipment, forklifts, as well as engine hoists and hydraulic lifts. With Automotive Lift Services you know we will always put our best work into our product, and do her best to review satisfied with every service that we offer.

Other companies may take the time to try to pad hours as much as possible, or they may not care that your time is valuable and that protection meets everything to your business. That is not the case with Automotive Lift Services we work hard to keep your shop rolling 24 hours a day seven days a week and we offer in amazing lifetime maintenance program that is truly worth checking out. Along with this amazing lifetime maintenance program comes amazing deals such as free annual inspections of all of your automotive lifts. We guarantee that the service truly does pay for itself time and time again that can prevent costly breakdowns and maintenance problems. Trust the top in the industry, trusts automotive lift services. We will do everything we can do in your respect and trust.

We are confident that you would rather go with us rather than an unreliable and unaffordable car lift maintenance company, so give us a call at 800-674-9302 and visit her website www.autoliftserv.com to see what Automotive Lift Services could do for you and your business today. We look forward to building a long-lasting professional and personal relationship with you will do everything that we can to keep your business rolling a firing on all cylinders.