Hello and welcome back to our time today where I talk about how to fix your rotary 2 post lift. And maybe you were looking for a rotary 2 post lifts parts diagram and we have those that we can give you. We can give it to you just let us know where to send it to. You can go to our website, it is Auto lift serve dot-com and from there you can get a hold of us either by text or call or email. Email is a good way to get ahold of us. We always have somebody there waiting to respond to any emails or receive throughout the day and it is very important to us that you are able to get ahold of us easily and quickly and we make sure that the people on the other end of the phone, who you are getting a hold of are going to do the best they can to assist you in any way possible. So if you need that rotary 2 post lifts parts diagram just let us know we would be happy to send that over to you and once you figure out what part you are needing we can definitely help you get your hands on the parts you need to get those fixed. Also our online shopping website is a great way to find those parts easily and quickly and get them ordered so they can get shipped to you as soon as possible even though right now it can be kind of difficult to get things ordered and get things quickly we make sure that you can get them as soon as possible. On our end of things as soon as you place your order we get that ready to go and sent out and from there it’s just waiting on the shipping company to get it to you. But anyways if you were wondering how to replace the pads on the arms of your lift otherwise known as lift parts then this is a great place for you to be because I’m going to walk you through how to do that in great detail and care to make sure that you get the service that you need and that you can get the parts put on and may I say correctly the first time would be preferred. I’m sure you would agree with that so let’s get started with that so to replace the lift pads on your rotary 2 post which if you are looking at The rotary 2 post lifts parts diagram you will see that there the little rubber pad on the end of the arm of the left there should be two of them since it’s a 2 post lift. Next well I guess to begin with you need to figure out if you have the right with pads for your lift so you have a rotary 2 post if you’re reading this but honestly the process is pretty similar for most 2 post lift and will only 4 to post list because 2 post lifts are the only ones that have lift pads because 4 post lift have runways and ramps so they don’t have a need for arm pads and oh I was wrong also in-ground lifts will have will have pads for the arms also but that process will be pretty similar to the 2 post process of replacing the pads so this should be pretty helpful for any type of lift that has arm pads. okay so how to figure out if you have the right ones if you have the rotary 2 post lift parts diagram then you can look on that and it should tell you the specific arm pads that you need cuz it has a spec sheet at the end of it but list all the different parts and points to where they are on the list. And from there it usually list a part number and it would normally be a rotary part number since it’s a rotary lift and we go off of the rotary lift part so just look on the rotary 2 post lifts parts diagram and you can get that figured out. If the pads that you ordered are not the correct ones for your lift you can give us a call and we can get those were the ones that don’t work for you we can get those returned and you can get a refund and then we can get you the correct ones which we can figure out based off of the rotary 2 post lifts parts diagram. okay so first you’re going to need to remove the the foot pads which are the same it’s the same part as the lift pads select arm pads it’s just called that has different names. So that’s just one of its many names that it goes by and it’s the actual piece of Steel that the rubber pad is bolted to so I take that back when I said before and the foot pad is the metal part that the rubber pad is secured to. The rotary 2 post lifts parts diagram shows this. See if you remove the foot pad which you just kind of pull it off the left and it might be kind of snug because it has to stay on there nice and tight to make sure that it doesn’t fall off while you have a car in there. So you’ll have to give it a nice tug to get it off and then you have to put the left foot pad into a vise like a vise grip that you can find like on a bench like a workbench and you put it in there to hold it nice and tight so that you can unbolt the old pads from the foot pad so you’re going to want to unbolt the rubber part of the pad from the middle part and sometimes this part can be a little bit Tricky. We’re happy to comply with every desire.