Thank you for joining us again this is part two of our guide on instructing you how to replace your lowering valve on your rotary 2 post lift. If you are unsure about what the lowering valve is or where it is at, check with your rotary 2 post lifts parts diagram and that should give you a clear picture of where this lowering valve is at on the to post. Okay so the thing you need to know about the rotary 2 post lifts parts diagram is that it is very handy and it will let you learn almost everything you need to know about your Lift and if you for some reason they’re having a hard time finding this document we can help you find it. What I previously discussed on this instruction manual was mid to lower the left all the way down then you had to hold the button down for an extra 10 seconds after you’ve already lowered it all the way to the ground. And I warned you about having any pressure on the valve when you remove it because if there is pressure on it there will be a violent spray of hydraulic fluid all over your shop or your garage or wherever your lift is in this world. So again I want to stress the importance of that because hydraulic fluid is quite a mess to clean up and it is just a hassle. So avoid that if you can. Then we talked about taking off the cover and disconnecting plugins on the release valve. End the last thing that we discussed was removing the handle and we don’t have a ton of detail on how you actually remove that handle I think that you probably just take the handle and you twist it around and around until it comes loose kind of like the handle on a Jack In The Box you want to just keep turning it and then eventually it’ll come off which I don’t think that is the case with the toy but I think that is the case with this handle. That is not true and you end up breaking it based on what I just told you take a look at that rotary 2 post lifts parts diagram and maybe that will give you some clarity on what happened. The next step once you have removed the handle is to use 1/2 inch Drive Impact and you will want be impact sockets as well and you will use this to remove the lowering valve so you’ll have to remove the the bolts and that is why you need the half-inch drive impact and the impact sockets. if you do not have a half inch Drive Impact with impact sockets then you can probably use a wrench but you will need some serious power behind it because the bolts that hold on the alluring valve are very tight. and it will take a lot more time and effort to get those off if you do not use an impact. the next step is cleaning up the area on the pump where the lowering valve was located. If after you have removed the lowering valve and are no longer sure where it was, you can pull up that rotary 2 post lift parts diagram and that will give you a very clear image of where the lowering valve was and where you should be cleaning the surface of the pump. understand how you could forget where it was After it being right there. Sometimes it is just hard to remember these things when there are quite a few steps to replacing these parts. You will find that if you have used the rotary 2 post lifts parts diagram in order to 6 other parts on your rotary 2 post lift that it can be hard to remember all of these things. But if you do this a lot and I mean a lot then it actually becomes easier to remember all these things. so either way you have that resource there to help you out if you need it. Okay you know you have cleaned the area well enough when there is not any debris left where the lowering valve was. If there is still Gunk there you need to make sure to continue to clean it until it is no longer there. Sometimes if there is a lot of debris that will not come off by itself or with light scrubbing we sometimes use some sandpaper to really grind the junk off of the particular parts that you are needing. if you do end up using the Sandpaper just be very careful that you do not scrub to intensely and end up causing harm to the pump or to the area around the pump. Pumps are not a cheap item to fix. if you don’t believe me take a look at that rotary 2 post lifts parts diagram and find the part number and take a look on our website at the price of a new pump. As far as pumps go our website has a fairly decent priced option oh, but you still do not want to spend that amount if you do not need to. So I would only recommend using the Sandpaper if you really need to. I would just continue to scrub at it with a shop towel and maybe some cleaner that does really well. Next you need to check the threads on the pump and see how clean they are. If there is a lot of dirt and debris in the threads you need to get that cleaned out. To do this you can use a pic and pick all of the gunk out of the threads. I will warn you that this process can take a bit of time. If it is not cleaned well you will need the rotary 2 post lifts parts diagram to order new parts. We’ll be ready to make sure you find the stuff that you want to have the most.