Welcome back all of my faithful subscribers. We had to take a break at the end of part 2 of how to replace a lowering valve. We will now pick back up on part 3 of that same series. If as we are going along through these instruction manuals and you would like to talk to somebody about more information regarding a particular step in the process or if you did the process and it did not work or your Lyft is being stubborn and you cannot get it fixed, give one of our technicians a call and they can walk you through how to do these things or they can do a video call with you so they can take a look at what you are seeing and hopefully help you get any issues resolved. but we are just going to continue along in our guide at this point forward so here we go. Okay next you need to compare the new lowering valve that you got from us which you probably used the rotary 2 post lifts parts diagram in order to figure out what part you needed unless it was a very obvious part like the left arm but since we are fixing the lowering valve I feel like you probably needed to look at The Rotary 2 post lifts parts diagram in order to get that figured out. We are happy that you are using that resource to your advantage and getting the parts that you need from us. So you need to compare the new lowering valve to the old one and you do this just to make sure that they are the same part and it’s even after looking at them together you are still unsure sometimes you can look at the parts on the left and there might be a sticker that has the particular part number of that part and then you can compare it to the rotary 2 post lifts parts diagram and to the new part that you received to make sure but it is the same part but that is only if you are very unsure or nervous about installing this part without knowing for sure beforehand that it is correct for your 2 post lift. Now that you have decided it is the correct part you want to lubricate the new o-ring on the lowering valve. Make sure that you use clean oil or you can use Vaseline or just plain old grease. for the O-ring that should have come as part of the lowering valve. On your rotary 2 post lifts parts diagram you Can check and make sure that it is correct and itIs the correct part that you need make sure that you get enough oil grease or Vaseline whichever one you chose to use or whichever one you had easily on hand, make sure that you get enough of it on the O-ring that it is lubricated well enough. But make sure the judge is not dripping with lubrication from the oil grease or Vaseline. Once you have that ready to go you want to red the new lowering valve into the pump by hand as far as you can. And then once you have gotten as far as you can by hand which it may help you if you wipe off your hands and wife off the valves to make sure there’s not any grease or anything from when you lubricated the O-ring to make sure that you can actually get a good grip on the new lowering valve. if you are unsure about where the lowering valve goes a good resource for figuring that out is the rotary 2 post lifts parts diagram which you should have gotten the copy of when you bought the Lyft or you can fit a copy of the rotary 2 post lifts parts diagram from Automotive lift services or you can go to our website which is auto-lift serve.com and that will be a good place for you to find that document. Okay so once you have read it it in as far as you can by hand you want to use the impact that use previously and you want to use it to Snug up the lowering valve until it is all the way connected to the pump but this next thing is very very important make sure you do not hammer away on the valve. And if you are not sure what this means when you hammer away on something with the impact that is when you are using it on a bolt or a screw and it turns it all the way tight and then it’s still hammers on it once it’s already tight so you’re kind of doing it for no reason. But this can cause damage to the pump and to the valve so be very careful about that. One thing that we usually say is you should hold the trigger of the impact for no more than 2 seconds. So once you’ve held it the trigger down for 2 seconds that should be as tight as it needs to go. Okay so once it is screwed all the way back in nice and snug you want to put the plastic cover back over top of it. and then you want to put the handle back on and it we talked about earlier how you just turn it until it comes off and it’ll be kind of the same situation putting it back on you throw it on with your hand and you turn it and turn it until it is tight and it’s not going to fall off. Next you want to test The lowering valve and make sure that it works so to test if it functions correctly you want to raise the lift all the way up and then lower it all the way back down. Do this twice and that should let you know if it is working properly. Your car lifts will have a chance with us.