This is part 2 Of the guide on how to replace are you still under on a two-post lift. the rotary 2 post lifts parts diagram shows us that the rotary to post is pretty similar to all of the other two post Parts diagrams that we have looked at so if you have a rotary lift these should work for you or if you have a challenger Lift You should also work for you. If for some reason you have a lift but this just does not seem to fit with let us know and we will try to find a rotary 2 post lifts parts diagram that matches for your lift and then from there give you instruction on how to continue in the process of fixing or replacing the cylinder on your 2 post lift. But we’re just going to hop right back into where we left off with replacing the cylinder. So we the last thing we talked about was removing the bolts that hold the cylinder to the carriage so you did that and now the next step is to raise the lift up to its very top lock. And that means that you’re going to lift the lift all the way to the very top where it makes the very loud sound that means that the lock has engaged so you want to get it all the way up there. And you want to do this because it helps you to get all the parts out of the way for you to change the cylinder and you want it on the locks because otherwise when you remove the cylinder then your whole left would just come crashing down on top of you which would be very bad for you and for anything else underneath the left. And if that did happen you would be needing a lot more than just the rotary 2 post lifts parts diagram to figure out how to fix that. Then you want to lower it down onto the lock so when you raise it up all the way it won’t necessarily Engage The Block so you’ll need to bring it back down just a little bit but still to the top lock so once you hear that first loud clanging sound that is when you will want to stop lowering it cuz you wanted to rest on that lock. So what now that it is where we need it on the Lox we need to wrap a bungee cord or a bungee strap however you want to say that, around the lowering valve lever so you just want to wrap it around there so that it keeps pushing the lever down even when you’re not holding it that’s just basically what we’re trying to get out here. So if you don’t have a bungee cord you can always use something else that will work in that similar fashion to just hold the lever down. Or it might be holding it up whichever way your specific lifts works we would recommend checking out the rotary 2 post lifts parts diagram to figure that out if you are unsure. now that you have the lowering valve being pulled or pushed up with the bungee strap you want to buy hand pull down the cylinder until it is no longer extended at all so you are by hand lowering the cylinder so it’s long your shiny metal part is now being pushed all the way back inside of it by hand this may be a little bit of a task because it’s going to try to fight you on that. Unless your cylinder was really leaking then it might be super easy because it is not holding that pressure in there how it is supposed to be. If you are unsure about what parts on the cylinder you should be pushing in the rotary 2 post lifts parts diagram is a great place to check and get a good idea of what that cylinder looks like and what parts you should be pushing in. And if you are not having good luck with this step here are some other things you can try if the cylinder will not lower all by itself you can try and move the cylinder around inside the carriage to see if it is bound up. If you don’t know what a cylinder being found up means you could always call Automotive lift services and we can try and give you an explanation for that. Right here and now I do not have the knowledge or the time to explain what that means for you and your list. But I am sure that someone on our team would be more than happy to take the time to explain those ideas to you and explain what those things mean. If your cylinder is bound up in those words make sense to you keep moving it and spinning it While you are pulling down the cylinder or you can grab a ladder and you can climb on top of the ladder and then push down on to the cylinder cuz that might be an easier angle for you and you’ll get better Leverage. Just be careful if you use a pry bar that you don’t scratch on the cylinder and you don’t want to scratch the bore the rod or the Piston of the cylinder. If you’re unsure what those different parts of the cylinder are on the spec sheet of the rotary 2 post lifts parts diagram you can get a better look at those different parts of the cylinder. You do not want to scratch the 4 Rod or piston because that will cause the cylinder to no longer hold the pressure it needs to to work properly and you can sometimes get someone to rebuild your cylinder and try to get those scores out of it but that can be a tricky job and you never know if it’ll work. This is the place that will lift you up.