We are here again to speak on replacing some of the parts that are on a rotary 2 post lifts parts diagram. We just want to thank everybody who is using these resources for taking the time to read through and for letting us help you in these ways and in buying parts from us which is an easy process if you have a broken heart on your list and you take a look at the rotary 2 post lifts parts diagram. By taking a look at that you can figure out exactly what part you need and then at the back of the rotary 2 post lifts parts diagram there is a section that tells you the specific part name and the part number and that makes it especially easy to get those parts ordered and get your lift back up and running as quick and as easy as possible. If you are the kind of person who does not want to actually replace the part yourself, that is totally understandable and we respect that choice and option. Not everyone is a mechanic and we think that that is just fine. However if you have a lift, you probably are a mechanic to some degree unless you hire people to work on the lift and do the mechanic work. either way maybe you or mechanic you are a mechanic and you just do not have the time to fix the lift yourself or you just don’t want to that is totally fine. If you are located in the Midwest and particularly in Iowa and you are needing someone to come fix your list for you or someone to come figure out what is wrong with your Lift in the first place. let us know, here at Automotive lift Services we actually do quite a bit of service work in Iowa. we mostly work in the Des Moines area but we will sometimes travel a little bit further out around Iowa. So if you are located in these areas and want us to come repair your lift or take a look at it and diagnose what is wrong with it and from there we can send that information on to our parts ordering guys who will take a look at that rotary 2 post lifts parts diagram and get those ordered. Otherwise if you want to do it yourself we can send over the rotary 2 post lifts parts diagram and you can figure that out yourself and contact us when you want to get some Port Parts ordered. But today we are going to focus on a new part that may need replaced on your rotary to post. And that part is lowering valve. For those of you who do not know they lowering valve is the part on the left that lowers the lift all the way down to the ground. And this is a different part from the part that moves the lift all the way up so the lowering valve does not raise the lift. that may be surprising to some but to others that might seem like common knowledge. We go very in-depth in these guides so I do not leave anything up to assuming that you will know all of the parts on your rotary 2 post lift even if you do have the rotary 2 post lifts parts diagram I still do not assume that you will know the function of all of the parts. So to start this process, you will want to grab the lowering valve and lower your lift all the way to the ground as far as it will go down. After you have the lift lowered as far as it will go, you will want to hold down the down button / or release valve for an additional 10 seconds after you already have the lift lowered as far as it goes down.Our technicians say that this is a very important step in the process of replacing a lowering valve. So I would trust that this is a step that is worth doing. I am not entirely sure what holding down the release valve for an additional 10 seconds actually does. But I’m sure that it has a pretty good result and product for what you are trying to get done so I would do it if I were you. It might have to do with trying to get the pressure off of the valve so if you hold it down longer than less pressure is on it and you want to make sure there is no pressure on the valve because if there is when you remove the valve it will violently spray fluid of the hydraulic variety everywhere and that will be quite a mess for you to clean up. Therefore if you are worried that there is still some pressure on the valve and you are trying to avoid that the violence spray of hydraulic fluid then you can loosen one of the hydraulic lines on the list and that should make sure that there is no more pressure on the valve. okay once you have made sure not to spray fluid everywhere then you can remove the plastic cover that is on the pump and I believe there are some bolts on it that you have to unscrew in order to get the plastic cover off. Once you have the cover off you want to disconnect the plugins that are on the valve for more information about what those are and what they look like you can shoot us an email. I’m sure that it’s pretty clear once you get that cover off what the plug-ins are and I think you can probably figure that part out for yourself oh, I would assume. next you need to remove the handle of the valve and you probably just screw that thing around and once you turn it far enough it’ll just come off nice and easy. We show up on time and fix it on time.