So we did not quite get finished on the other article that was written previously on replacing the left pads on arms we ended right after getting the bolts off of the foot pads. And from there we talked about how it would get a little bit tricky but from here we will go into more detail on that. Before we jump into that however I would like to take a second to talk about are employees here at Automotive lift services. They work very hard to make sure that you and any other customers who contact us with any of their needs or questions or concerns all of our employees are Berry happy and excited to assist you with any of those things I just listed. And they are very good about sending out rotary 2 post lifts parts diagram and if you need any of those please just give us a holler and we will get those sent over to you. But make sure that when you contact us you give us your email address because without it it becomes very difficult to actually send that to you. And if after you get a hold of us and we say they were sending it over and within the next few hours you still are not seeing the rotary 2 post lifts parts diagram in your email then you should probably give us a call back because we might have written your email down incorrectly. That happens quite often it is very easy to hear what the customer is saying incorrectly over the phone. So just give us a call back and we will be able to figure that out and get your email corrected if that was the issue. or if something happened in our and our employee got distracted or something else came up and they just did not end up getting that sent to you we would love for you to give us a call and make sure that we can get that sent over to you so please do not hesitate 2 contact us if anything needs fixed or corrected. Also with the rotary 2 post lifts parts diagrams if for some reason you got one that is not for your lift and is for a different lift then we can get that corrected as well either if we just sent the wrong one on accident or if we miss heard what you said about watch which lifts you had or if you realized after the fact that you actually had ACL 10 instead of a clv 3 that is something that is very easy to mix up. So whatever the issue was just give us a ring and or a text or an email any of those options work and then we can get that fixed and get you the correct rotary 2 post lifts parts diagram. Okay so now that that is out of the way we can continue on our how to / Guide to helping you replace those lift pads on your rotary 2 post lift. okay so the last step was unbolting the old pads from the metal part of the pad which is the foot pad. And if those bolts will not cooperate with you and they are pretty stuck or if they break we talked about how you may have to use a grinder to cut them off and you need to be sure that you put on your safety glasses if you use a grinder as I said previously if any pieces of the foot pad whether it be the bolts the rubber or just any other Grime that gets put into the grinder and gets shot you if any of that gets in your eyes that will not end well for you. That will cause serious damage to your eyes and you will wish that you had put on your safety goggles. Okay so once you have the old bolts off and if there was nothing wrong with those bolts you can continue to use those when you put the foot pads the new foot pads back on but if you had to cut them off obviously you need new bolts and we can get you some of those if you need them we can figure out which ones you need based off of the rotary 2 post lifts parts diagram. Okay bold the new pads on to the foot pads so the new pads are just the rubber part and you will both them onto the metal part and there should be some new bolts in with the bag that the rubber pads came in if there are not you can probably use the bolts that you were using previously if they are not broken. Next you need to put the foot pads that you just installed onto the foot pad then you want to slide the whole foot pad back into the arm of the lift you might have to give it a good shove to get it back in there correctly. If you have any questions about getting the foot pad back in or if you have it in there correctly let us know and we can guide you through that over the phone. Other than that that is all that I have for you for this instruction manual for replacing the lift pads on your rotary 2 post lift make sure that you do the same thing for both sides. You don’t want to leave one side of your 2 post lift with a crummy foot pad and the other one with a brand new spanking new left pad and then one side of your Lyft will be in great shape and the other side will be bad. We want to make sure that both sides are where they need to be And are maintained in the same way on a regular basis. and thank you for tuning in and we will continue to work through the parts on a rotary 2 post lifts parts diagram.