Is your Lyft having issues? If so then this document will be of great use to you. You may have noticed that your Lyft is not raising correctly or it seems to be Broken or on the verge of breaking. If this is the case hang tight and we will talk you through how to diagnose your rotary list. As we go you may find that some of your rotary lift parts need replaced. If that is the case we would be happy to supply you with all of the rotary lift parts that you need. So let’s just jump right into it. To start you will want to run the lift up and down to try to get it to do the thing that you think is wrong with it. It is good to see it with fresh eyes see the problem and be able to go from there on what you should do and you can also always give us a call at Automotive lift Services while you are trying to diagnose your lift to see if we can help you figure any of that out as well. And in that case then you especially need to try to recreate the issue so that we can walk with you through it. So start by raising your left all the way up and then lower it back down onto the Lox. Then after it locks then you will want to lower it all the way back down to the ground. By doing that you should be able to figure out what issue the left is having. The first issue could be a hydraulic cylinder that has blown and you will know if this is the case if when you raise your lift all the way up it shoots fluid out of it. And this is something that you will not miss, this should be a very obvious issue because the hydraulic fluid we’ll shoot pretty violently out of the cylinder. If your cylinder is almost to the point of blowing it will most likely have a leak of some sort when you lift and lower the left. And you also know this when you touch your finger on the cylinder and if the cylinder is wet then you know that it has a leak of some sort. Another sign that it is blown or has an issue is that the hydraulic fluid will be low. If the left is performing how it should none of the fluid should leave the cylinder. So you should never have to refill the fluid and it should maintain the certain amount. So if your cylinder is low on the hydraulic fluid it would be because your cylinder has an issue. Another pretty obvious sign would be that the floor underneath the cylinder is either stained from having the hydraulic fluid all over it constantly or it’ll be wet from just recently having a leak on to it. Cylinders are one of the rotary lift parts that we sell here at Automotive lift services. So if you are looking to buy some new rotary lift parts as you go through this diagnostic checklist just let us know and we would be happy to send those to you. You can either buy a new cylinder if yours is blown or you can get it rebuilt. Most of the time it works to rebuild the cylinder by taking it apart and putting in new seals however if the cylinder has scoring on the inside or scratches then that is something that is not easily fixable. And it would be more worth your time and money to just buy a new one. as far as rotary lift parts go the cylinder is a pretty normal one to have to replace further down the road. Okay so another thing that this can show you Is if you have a stuck hydraulic cylinder. so when you were raising and lowering it if it was having issues it could be because the hydraulic cylinder is stuck. and how you know if this is the case is if the cylinder won’t go down or if it will go down it goes down very very very slowly. to figure out which cylinder is the one that is stuck in having issues you can take the equalizer cables and disconnect them from the cylinder and then while the cables are disconnected you want to lower the lift and when you do this one of the cylinders should get stuck in the air or it won’t come down or if it does come down it’ll be much much slower than the other cylinder. So the cylinder that gets stuck or comes down very slowly will be the one that has issues and you will want to get that one replaced. So if you found the one that is stuck now you need to figure out how to get it out of the air. And you want it to be brought back down. To do this we would have to go into a lot more detail on replacing a cylinder. And we will cover that later down the road. as 4 what you should do with The left in the meantime, you should not try to use the lift if the cylinder is stuck. That could end in getting a vehicle stuck on your left. And that is an expensive fix if you have to Call someone to help you out with that. Here we have to use two large forklifts 2 get the lift down and remove the car without causing any damage to do you lift and especially to the vehicle. And you want to be very careful in that situation to not makes the car fall off because that is an expensive mistake and that is a dangerous one if there are people nearby or for yourself as well. And if that is the case you will need to be buying more than just rotary lift parts.