We will continue to go through the to post diagnostic guide. we have plenty of guides and how to choose on how to fix, or diagnose or install or uninstall any of your Lift needs. We are a Lift company that focuses on service work and sells in rotary lift parts. We were gone any kind of equipment or any brand of equipment and we are big fans of the rotary lift parts. That is one of our preferred lift Brands. If you were to give us a call and ask us which lifts were the best. We would say that rotary is in our top three recommended lift brands. So if you are working on your lift and trying to figure out what is going on with it and you are needing rotary lift parts you have come to the right place. Because we know plenty about rotary lifts and we can get you the parts that you need in a quick and efficient and easy manner. anyways let’s continue going through the diagnostic check list. The next thing they could be causing your lift to have troubles raising and lowering could be the equalizer cables The Equalizer cables basically act as a pulley that helps the lift to actually raise up your vehicles. They handle quite a bit of weight so it makes sense that they would have your shoes every once in awhile. Cables are one of the most common parts on the lift that will need to be to be replaced every once in awhile. So how you will know if your cables are the issue is if you find Little Broken Pieces of your cables and they will be little pieces of wire. If you find the little pieces of wire sitting on the floor under the cables that is a good sign that they have issues. You will most likely find these little pieces in the parts on the left where the cables go through a sharp Bend. And this will most likely be on the sheaves. When the cables are on the sheaves they do more of a sharp turn I’m to the Sheep. You may also noticed that your cables are fraying and you can tell they are fraying if the cable pokes your hand when you run it across the cable. You want to make sure that you do this very gently because if the cable is frayed then you could get some metal splinters if you do it hard with your hand. And that is not a pleasant experience. Another way you can see if your cables have issues is if they are courting. And cording means that they are starting to unwind. So if it looks like your cables are starting to unwind then they are probably at the beginning of courting. and another issue with your cables could be that they are Rusty. We are located in Iowa so Rusty cables or something that we see on a regular basis. With all the snow and salt that we get in the winters. Everything and I will gets Rusty. And to check if your cables are Rusty you need to make sure that the rest isn’t just on the surface but that it is deeper into the cable. If it’s just on the surface you should be able to see rust underneath the top layer when you scrape at it with a screwdriver or a knife. and you should not be able to see any shiny medal under the first layer of cording. so it should be rested a good way through before is an issue. As I said before chords are I mean cables r a fairly common part that need replacing. so we keep plenty of rotary lift parts like cables in stock and they are not too expensive either. If you are needing new cables let us know and we would be happy to help you find the correct rotary lift parts for your specific lift. Each type of with has different types of cables. They are different sickness and they have different lengths so if you want to be sure that you are ordering the correct rotary lift parts you should give us a call and we can help you make sure that you are buying the correct length of table for your specific left. Another issue that your left can have could be the sheaves. To check this one out you will need to lower your lift on to the locks and make sure that no pressure is on your cables. then you want to check with your hand and see if you can wobble the sheaves. If the she moves a lot when you do that it is no longer good. And you should get a new one. If you are unsure what the chief is you can give us a call here at Automotive lift services and we can send you over a picture of what your Chief should look like or kind of talk you through what it looks like and where you will find it on your left depending on the type of left you have. Another thing you should look for is scoring in the grooves of the sheaves and normally if it has scoring on it it matches up the cords on the cables and this means that you need a new sheet because these grooves in it can cause the cables to slip and you could also look for copper colored bushings sticking out on the side of the Sheaf that’s another good sign that it’s time for new sheaves and look and make sure that the sheaves don’t have any cracks or large amounts of rust and when you are moving the left and by moving I mean lifting up and down. Check and see if the sheaves are turning freely or if they seem to be getting stuck or not moving at all. If they aren’t moving this can cause damage to the cables.