Welcome back. We were just talking about diagnosing your 2 post lift if you noticed that it was having some sort of issue and you’re not sure what is going on this guide will be a very helpful tool for you. And once you figure out what might be going on with your lift then you can contact us here at Automotive lift services and we would be more than happy to help you figure out exactly which rotary lift parts that you are needing to get your lift back up and running at its best condition. We have a lot of experience with rotary lifts and with the rotary lift parts. We sell parts and we work on equipment here in Iowa. We make sure that people’s lives are up and running to their best quality to make sure they are safe and efficient for our customers. But right now we are going to continue to go through this diagnostic guide for a rotary to post and we previously talked about raising and lowering your lift to see the issue and then we are going through the different things that could be wrong with the lift and how to determine if your Lyft needs new rotary lift parts and what issues it is happening. So far we have talked about the hydraulic cylinder and if it is blown or if it is stuck. Next we will talk about if your hydraulic pump is weak and needs some work. You will know that it’s the week pump if you are having issues getting your lift to raise a vehicle with more weight. Our customers tell us they have this issue with larger vehicles. Either the lift won’t pick up the vehicle at all or it could be that when you are lifting up a vehicle it’ll stop halfway and then once it has stopped halfway it has to go back down and then you have to raise it up again. These are signs that your hydraulic pump is getting weak and may need replaced. It could also be that your pump needs more fluid. We make sure that the pump is not low on fluid when we diagnose two posts. if you put more fluid into the pump you will want to put a vehicle on the lift and see if it will raise it easily. If it is still having issues then you may need to contact us for rotary lift parts and we can get you set up with a new hydraulic pump. The next thing that could be wrong with your Lyft could be your lowering valve so to see if the lowering valve is the issue you can do this by raising your lift to as high as it possibly goes and then you’ll want to watch and check if the lift automatically tries to lower itself onto the locks without your doing. And if the left is lowering itself you want to make sure that there aren’t any hydraulic fluid leaks anywhere on the lift. Because that could also cause that issue. If there are no other leaks then it is probably your lowering valve. To really make sure but this is the issue you want to put a vehicle on the left and then lift it up halfway and check if it will lower onto the locks on its own in this case as well when you do this you might be able to hear the fluid draining into the reservoir. It is not supposed to do that so if you hear that sound that is also another sign that it is probably you’re lowering valve. And make sure that the handle to your lowering valve is not depressed. or push down because if it is just the handle that is a pretty easy fix and we can go through our rotary lift parts and get you sent one of those very easily. The next issue That your left could be having is an issue with hydraulic hoses and hydraulic fittings before you start doing anything to test this you’ll want to make sure that you don’t have any vehicles under or near the lift because this can cause damage or be messy. once you make sure that there aren’t any cars nearby and make sure that there are any people nearby usually we say to keep a distance of 10 ft of the lift. you want to raise the lift shortly and look for leaks. if you have any big blowouts it will be very obvious because they can shoot anywhere from 5 ft to 20 ft in the air and make a huge mess for you so you will know if it is a blow out of a hose if you do have a blowout in your hose that means you will have to get a new hydraulic hose. Hydraulic hoses are one of the rotary lift parts that we sell at Automotive lift services. It will take more pressure around the fittings for you to be able to see any seepage or leaks so you will want to wipe clean and area on the fitting or the hose that you think there is a leak and then raise the lift as high as it goes and then check that area to see if it’s wet again. You needed to clean it off to make sure that it was a new see Pitch and not old. So just keep doing this until you figure out which spot has a leak or seepage and it could take a while but this is the most effective way to figure out if you have a leak or seepage around your fitting. I would recommend making sure you don’t have any blowouts in your house before you raise it all the way up because otherwise it may shoot up to 20 ft in the air of hydraulic fluid and that will be an enormous mess for you to clean up rightly.