We are starting a new series on specific rotary lift parts. we will be going through and talkin about the specific parts of the rotary lift and going into detail on everything you need to know about all the parts. This will include where the part is made what it is made of how to install it where to buy it pretty much anything that you could possibly possibly need to know about rotary lift parts we will be digging into in these next articles. We are going to start with a very basic part of a rotary 2 post lift. And that part is the columns on a two-post lift. First you should know that the columns are made of steel and Or actually one of the few lift companies that still manufacturer their lives in America. And that is becoming more and more rare in what ifs end and pretty much everything else as you probably know. So they are actually manufactured in Madison Indiana. so they are made here at home in the US. but people all over the world by them for must also some of the main customers besides America is Spain Portuguese Portugal and Canada. however Americans are their main clients I believe. The purpose up the columns on a two post lift is 2 support the vehicle that you are lifting up. and if this is one of the rotary lift parts that you are looking for you may want to prepare yourself for the price. The column is made of steel and it is very large and depending on if you have the heavy duty industrial version or if you have a lighter model that will make a difference in the price because of the thickness of the steel in the columns. If you are worried about the columns not being thick enough on your to post I assure you that they are thick enough. On the industrial models be rotary lift parts are very Overkill. This is because they are meant for dealerships and car shops that are raising and lowering cars constantly everyday. so if you are raising your car maybe once or twice a day on your lift and you have a lower grade model you will still be fine and your Lyft is still safe for you to use. The industrial one is just very very heavy duty. if you still have any concerns about that you can give a rotary a call or you can contact us here at Automotive lift services we Cell rotary lift parts and the rotary lifts themselves as well so we I know quite a bit about them and can most likely answer any questions that you have about the column or any other feature on the lift. so just let us know if there is any questions we can answer for you. Now, more on the feature Of the lift and what its purpose is. So the columns are the tall metal columns that support the whole left and takes the weight of the vehicle being lifted and lowered. There is a beam connects the two usually it is at the top of the columns but if you have a low rise lift then it will be on the bottom I believe. And the bottom of the column have feet of sorts and that is where you bought them to the ground if it is a two-post and most 4 post also get bolted to the ground unless you have a mobile column left or if you have a home storage lift that can move around then you do not need to vote those down either but if you have a to post you definitely need to get that purple 2 down because otherwise your Lyft will be very unstable and should not be used to lift any weight. It could fall over very easily without being able to down. And if you’re lift Falls over which if you have it bolted down it should not, but say it do it does then you will probably need to replace some rotary lift parts and we would love to help you out with that. We have a great web portal that we use for selling rotary, Challenger, some bendpak, I don’t think we cell Atlas, and home storage brands. if you need any assistance in figuring out what your Lift is and what parts you need just let us know. you can contact us by email or by phone number or text or you could even stop in to our office. We typically do notHave many customers come to our office but if you really would like to speak with someone in person we would be willing to do that. Our biggest goal is to make sure that our customers get the best service possible and are happy with their experience with Automotive lift services. We want you to leave saying wow at our quality of service and quality of product. We train our employees True Value customer service as top priority in their work. And if you are looking for parts for your rotary lift then you have chosen a good left. We at Automotive lift services find that rotary is one of the best Brands out there. They are one of the brands that we prefer to work with and work on. It is easier to get parts and we offers tech guides if you need any assistance with your lift or questions. The column is a very essential part of a lift. not only does it support the whole lift and hold the weight of the vehicle that you are lifting. But it is also housing many of the other parts of the left inside of it. There are cables sheaves and other very important parts that are located inside the column that do the actual raising and lowering of your lift. So this is a very essential part to the rotary 2 post.