Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Here at Automotive Lift Services we rebuild leaky cylinders. forklift cylinders, lift cylinders, jacks, engine hoists, frame machines, ag equipment, construction equipment and much more! We also offer removal services, such as if your forklift has a leaky cylinder we can remove the cylinder from the forklift and rebuild the cylinder. To reduce down time and decrease your bill we can also rebuild the cylinder on the job in our service truck. By doing this we can get you up and running much quicker than the competition. We also make hydraulic hoses on the truck, so if you’re a shop and you have a lift that blows a cylinder and a lift that blows a hose, we can drive to you, build a hose, install it, remove the old cylinder and rebuild it on the truck right then and there! How to tell if your hydraulic cylinder repair Iowa is about to be or is in need of being rebuilt: The cylinder will be seeping fluid out around the wiper seal on the end of the cylinder, the cylinder ram will also have a layer of hydraulic fluid on it. To check if there is a layer of hydraulic fluid on the ram wipe your finger across the ram after extending the cylinder, if the hydraulic fluid builds up on your finger it is seeping, if it is not building up and just feels a bit oily it is working good.

Our mobile hydraulic cylinder service and mobile hydraulic hose services are part of the reason we are able to get our clients up and running in 24 to 48 hours. Our trained technicians have the know how to measure and match the old seals from your hydraulic cylinder with the ones that we have stocked on the truck perfectly. Some hydraulic cylinders will require us to take them back to the shop to be rebuilt, it depends on the type of cylinder. Hydraulic cylinder repair Iowa can be tricky to remove from the piece of machinery that they are attached too, let us at Automotive Lift Services help you by removing your leaky hydraulic cylinder from your piece of equipment, give us a call at 800 674 9302, or send in a contact us form today! Commonly repaired hydraulic cylinders are the secondary cylinders on forklifts, the pumps on jacks, transmission jacks, car lift hydraulic cylinders and much much more! We offer membership models that include hydraulic cylinder rebuilding on them, if you’re a company or person with just lots of hydraulic cylinders and no time to work on them give us a call so we can help you out. Are you a company that has a large amount of hydraulic cylinders on your tools, tractors, trucks or equipment? If so, give us at Automotive Lift Services a call so we can help you out, we offer flat rate prices and membership model pricing for those that have a large quantity of the same size or type of cylinders.

Hydraulic cylinder repair Iowa can be a headache especially if you do not have a great hydraulic shop to work with. When you have a piece of equipment out of commission it can be very costly, the time that piece of equipment isn’t running is time that you are potentially paying an employee and not making money back on. Because of our membership model we can offer those select members the fastest repair time in the industry. We do this by stocking seals and other parts needed for all of the cylinders and whatever else we are maintaining for them, we save inventory just in case for them so that if we get a call we can be there, and have it completely fixed within 24 hours of your call. Hydraulic cylinder repair Iowa is a very important part of keeping businesses such as car repair shops open due to the amount of cylinders used in their auto car lifts that they use on a daily basis to perform repairs in their customers vehicles. Mobile hose repair can also be very beneficial to those in the construction industry, having a hose blow on the job can be expensive and time consuming enough, we offer mobile hose repair where we drive out to you and build the hose on the spot.

A cylinder blowing on your piece of equipment while on the job can be quite expensive and time consuming as well we offer mobile cylinder repair, which means we drive out to you and rebuild your cylinder on the job site. Give us a call today 800 674 9302! Hydraulic cylinder repair Iowa is needed when your equipment, tractors, trucks, tools, lifts or anything with a hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder on it breaks down. Many times when a hydraulic cylinder repair Iowa happens it is because the cylinders seal or seals have started to seep or completely blow out, the cylinder can also have an internal leak and simply leak down while pressure is applied to it without making a mess outside of the cylinder. Many times this happens on transmission jacks and floor jacks. Some of the more common hydraulic cylinders that we work on are floor jacks, bottle jacks, transmission jacks, lift tables, pallet jacks, rolling jacks, car lifts, tow trucks, car haulers, garbage trucks, rollback trucks, agriculture equipment and tractors, engine hoists, and much much more!

Here at Automotive Lift Services we pride ourselves on our speed and accuracy and we provide our clients through correct inventory for their needs and speedy repair times for when they break down. Hydraulic hose repair and replacement is another big part of what we do. We rebuild many pneumatic cylinders for tire machines, tools and other types of equipment as well. Some cylinders will require a cylinder hone; this is what we use when there is light scoring in the wall of the cylinder. Deeper scoring requires either boring out or new parts that can affect speed and price of rebuilding the cylinder.