Junk Removal

At Iowa Junk Removal, we specialize in removing any and all junk items you need to get rid of. Big, small, heavy, light, wood, metal, plastic. Whatever your junk is, we will remove it for you. Your house is meant to be a comfortable place to live, not a cramped storage unit for the junk you no longer want or need. Don’t let these unnecessary items take over your home. That is where we come in. Give Iowa Junk Removal a call and we will promptly provide you with the top notch removal services you have been needing.

Americans have more items in their homes than any other place in the world. So many of these items have no purpose or value. We just hold onto things we don’t need. By getting rid of the junk in your basement, you are freeing up space in your home and stress that you don’t need. If you got rid of some of the junk in your home you could make more space for the things you enjoy or more room for the ones you love. Having the space to take care of the ones you love is priceless. Let us help you make this possible.
Maybe your storage space is overflowing. Maybe you or your children’s bedrooms have become storage space. Maybe your family has outgrown some items that are in too rough of condition to donate. Maybe you are clearing out the home of a recently deceased relative. Maybe you need more space in your shop for useful tools and equipment, rather than items you keep around “just in case you need it”. Whatever your situation is, you are decluttering and Iowa Junk Removal is the expert in junk removal.

We understand that you may be too busy to take the time to get rid of the junk yourself. You also may not have the right vehicle to get rid of the bigger junk items you are needing out of your house. It can be a pain to figure out how you are going to transport the junk. If any of your items are larger, you need something bigger than a car to move the junk. If the junk is heavy or bulky, you would need to find someone to help you move it as well. So before you bribe someone to help you move the items or try to move them by yourself, give Iowa Junk Removal a try! Trying to move large, heavy, bulky items by yourself can result in unnecessary injury. By allowing Iowa Junk Removal to do what we do best, you are saving yourself the hassle, time, and potential injury.

Our team of special trained refuse collectors can get the job done for you quickly and effectively. Our team is made up of quality workers that are not afraid to do what it takes to get the job done. We ensure that our workers are trustworthy and reliable.They are trained on how to effectively load items into our specially made trailers to hold all the junk necessary. They can hold a surprising amount of junk. Once we load all of the unwanted items up into the trailer and drive away, you will never have to see it again. You will be totally free of your junk. We figure out the best place to take the specific items you need gone. You can count on us to get the job done. At Iowa Junk Removal, we are serious about providing the services that all our customers are happy and satisfied with. We do what it takes to ensure that you are pleased with the removal of your unwanted items. If you are not pleased with our services for any reason, we would love to know how we can make it right for you. We are dedicated to serving our customers to the best of our abilities. This is why we love to hear from you about what we could be doing to make our services more satisfying to all. You shouldn’t settle for a company that doesn’t put your needs first. You deserve a company that puts you first and ensures that your junk gets picked up in a timely and effective manner.

You might be asking yourself, “I wonder if they could remove this junk for me? It is really big and heavy”. We are capable of moving any junk you have, no matter the size. We have different sized trailers to accommodate the size of your junk. Whether it is one small box or a giant bunk bed, we promise to figure out the best way to take it off of your hands. Even if we need to bring in more of our team to get the job done, we guarantee that it will get done for you.

We know that you are busy. You are working, raising kids, dealing with all the responsibilities that come with your life. Whichever situation applies to you, it keeps you busy. Therefore, your free time is precious and in some cases, rare. So you shouldn’t be spending the little bit of free time you have, getting rid of the junk you don’t need. You should be spending your time relaxing or spending time with the people you care about. If you would like to give yourself more time to do the things you want, give us a call and we can give this piece of time back to you. When you give us a call, our team members would love to set up a time for us to collect your junk. We ensure that one of our team members will be able to assess the situation of your undesired items and plan a way for our refuse collectors to most effectively remove the junk. Just set your junk out on the curb and we will come get it for you. This is what we do best. If you give us a shot at removing your unwanted items, you won’t be disappointed.