We previously spoke about the sheaves on the 2 post lift and it was brought to our attention that many of you who are trying to get your hands on cl10v3 challenger lift parts for sale may need some assistance with actually installing the new sheaves that you have bought for the 2 post lift you are getting parts for. So that is what we will do if you need any assistance with this or have any more questions once you read through the guide on how to install these this parts, you can give us a call. Here at auto lift services the customer is our biggest priority and we do all that we can to make sure that you and everyone else that trusts in us to give them assistance are happy and satisfied with the service, the company, and the products they receive from our business. We appreciate your business and look forward to answering any questions you may have about our products or if you have any additional thoughts about the installing and repair work that we do you can call and get a hold of any of our techs or team members. If you are lucky you might even get to speak with our owner who has a lot of knowledge and experience with all things cl10v3 challenger lift parts for sale. Our team members are trained very well and have almost all of the answers to anything you may need to know about these but in the small chance that they can’t answer a question about cl10v3 challenger lift parts for sale we can transfer the you or pass along any questions to the owner who will know what to do and if he doesn’t he has quite a knack for problem solving and finding resolutions and answers to any issues we have. We are so glad to be able to work with you and hopefully though we are very confident help you find everything you need. So let us get back to the sheaves and see if we can walk you through this process step by step to help you install your new cl10v3 challenger lift parts for sale. Sheaves are a very vital part to the 2 post lift. If you do not know what their function is then may want to sit down for this. It may blow you away. Ok, maybe it is not that crazy but we are pretty passionate about cl10v3 challenger lift parts for sale so we get a little too excited about talking about them. Sheaves are the little pulleys that the cables sit on and move the cables up and down so that the lift can move up and down so they need to be in the best condition to get the job done. You will know if you need to remove the sheaves and get some new cl10v3 challenger lift parts for sale if they are cracked or if they look like chunks have broken off of them or if they are the metal ones and the metal is very rusty and looks like it is going to just fall apart any time now. That is a good sign that you should replace and if you are buying parts from us you probably already know that so good for you. That is a good sign. First you will need to take one end of the equalizer cable and detach it from the lift. You will do this to both of the cables. There are two equalizer cables and you have to do the same thing to both sides if you want your lift to work properly. Which if you don’t that is a severe hazard and we do recommend that for you personally or your business or whatever situation you have going on. So next you need to figure out which sheave it is that needs to be replaced or if it is both and i already discussed what is a sign that it or both of them should be replaced. Once you have that figured out make note of it and make sure you don’t remove one that you wanted to keep in. That would be a waste of a part and your time and money. Next remove the cover to the lift area that the sheaves will be in if you do not know where that is you can look up a map of the lift and it will tell you all the parts. We do not have enough room here to tell you every single part that is on a 2 post lift but maybe down the road we can. We will see where this takes us. Normally the cover will be held on with screw and particularly philip head screws so if you have a philip head screw driver then you will want to use that to remove the screws. Make sure once you have removed the few screws to put them in a safe place that you will remember so that when you are finished and want to put the new cover back on the lift then you know where the screws are. It is quite a pain when you lose the screws to something and then you have to try and figure out how big of a screw you need to replace the ones that you lost. Trust me you do not want to deal with that hassle so just put the screws in a safe location that you will not lose and leave them there until you need to put the cover back on. If you can not get the screws off then a another good option for you might be to use a impact screw driver. It can make that process a lot easier if the pesky little screws are really stuck in there and then you might be less likely to strip the screws as well. Just make sure that you lined the impact screw driver up in the slots of the screw correctly.