I was just describing how to replace the cables on a lift. In particular a 2 post lift and you are looking for cl10v3 challenger lift parts for sale so i would assume that your lift is a cl10v3. So here i will continue to go through these steps to make sure that your new cables are replaced correctly and efficiently. So you already got the old cables off of your lift if you are following along from the other article that means we need to get to talking about putting the new cables on. We were talking about the ends of the equalizer cable and making sure that you can thread the nuts on by hand. So if that is all good to go then we can talk about what to do next. So one of the cables is going to be hard like really hard to get a wrench to so you want to put the nut and thread it on there first because otherwise you are going to have a really hard time getting to it when you put it back on there how it is supposed to be. Wrenches can be hard to use in certain positions especially if you have to do it on top of a ladder. Speaking of using a ladder. You will need one for this job. Almost everything that you have to fix something that attaches at the top of the lift you will need a ladder for. You might not think of a ladder as a cl10v3 challenger lift parts for sale. But we do recommend using it for fixing parts on your cl10v3. Be very careful when you are on the ladder and reaching around to try and get your tools into the correct spots and fix your lift. If you fall we cannot stress enough how badly you could be injured so do your very best to be careful when using one of those. Also make sure that if you use one that leans against the lift that you don’t have anything underneath the legs of the ladder otherwise it might slip out from under you when you put weight on it. And that could end oh so badly for you and for anything of value around the ladder. If you have a ladder that supports itself make sure that you get it locked well and double check so that it doesn’t fold up or anything like that. If you are needing either of these types they might be considered cl10v3 challenger lift parts for sale. Anyways you are next going to need to tighten the lock nut until it is far enough on the cable that there are 2 threads of the threaded part showing on the bottom. This will be enough for the bolt to stay on and not fall off if it gets bumped or something random of that sort. Next you have to take the other side of the equalizer cable and put the nut on the threaded part you will want to make sure that you are not putting the other nut on the same side of the cable that you already put the other nut on. You only need one nut on each side so do not put two on one side. If you do that then you are missing a nut for the other end. If you drop or lose a nut and need a new one look up cl10v3 challenger lift parts for sale and we can get you more of them. That is an easy fix. You also might be able to just find a nut that fits on the cable at a hardware store or other store similar to that. But i can not guarantee that they will have the exact one that you need. But you could try! Never hurts to try. Ok what is next? Tighten that other nut to about the same spot as you did the first one. Give it enough room to show two threads worth of space. Now attach the opposite end of the cable onto the lift also and if it will not get tight enough or if you are having troubles with it not even attaching at all there could be the issue that the cable is no longer on sheaves. If that is the case then you can climb up there and take a peak and see if the cable is where it should be or if it fell off somewhere in the havoc of getting the nuts on and attaching the cable. This could be another cl10v3 challenger lift parts for sale that you need to buy to get it working again and keeping that cable on there nice and snug so it does not fall off on a regular basis. So do that same thing again with the other side of the cable with connecting it to the lift and making sure it did not fall off if it is giving you some trouble you can give us a call where you found our website when you wanted cl10v3 challenger lift parts for sale from us. If you are having troubles with this also another thing you can try is to bring the lift down lower because then it is easier to adjust the cables. This would have been more useful information previously but oh well. Now you have basically done it, you have adjusted and replaced the old cables and put on the new ones. All that is left to do at this point is to double check everything and make sure nothing is going to break or get in the way of the moving parts. So start by checking that the cables are not twisted or rubbing against each other or any other part in the carriage and in the column if they get all twisted they will break faster and break anything else they may be rubbing. They are metal so it can do some damage to other parts in there.