Cables are a very common part on a challenger 2 post lift that you will need to replace every couple years or so. And we have cl10v3 challenger lift parts for sale. Whether you are buying cl10v3 challenger lift parts for sale for yourself or someone else or if you need to have someone else put them on the lift for you or you are doing it yourself we can help you with at least some part of this process. If your cables are needing replaced and you want to give it a try yourself to replace them we have a process that our techs do to make sure they out the cables on correctly and remove the old ones without damaging any of the equipment. This is how you replace the cable on a t post lift. First you want to start by routing the new cables into lift and try to keep them as close to the old or damaged cables as possible but do not remove the old cables yet. You need to make sure that the new cable is the right length and matches up with the old or damaged cable. If the cable is too short sometimes you can add a spacer type ting on to the end of the cable to try and make up for that lost length. Because the cable still needs to be able to reach and connect to the spot that it connects to otherwise you will be out of luck and your lift will not work correctly and then you will need to call someone like us or someone similar in specialty in your area. They probably do not have cl10v3 challenger lift parts for sale however. And if the cable is too long then you can shimmy up farther and maybe still use it but ideally the cable should still be the same length because when the cable is a different length it is usually for a different length and you got the wrong one. If you ordered the incorrect cable for your lift when you were getting cl10v3 challenger lift parts for sale and need to replace it and get a new one we can definitely help you out with that. Or if we sent yuo the wrong one for some reason. Which is pretty rare because we are very organized and go to great lengths to make sure that you get what you ordered. But you know we are still human and humans make mistakes, that is just what we do, either way we are more than happy to help you get this situation fixed if that is the issue. Once you have routed the cables, you will want to raise the lift up to the second lock and keep it in that position. You will know you have reached a lock when it makes a loud popping ish sound. I am not really sure how to describe the sound but you will recognize it when you hear it. So raise it until it pops twice and keep it there. Take the accessible nuts off of the old cables. If they have any rust and are hard to get off that is pretty normal we deal with that on a regular basis. What we suggest is just twisting it really hard and if you seriously can not get it off then you can cut the end of the cable off but make sure you are messing with the old cable and not the new one because other wise you just ruined the new cable. So do not do that. If you need new safety bolts we have cl10v3 challenger lift parts for sale. Just give us a ring to get those to you quick and easy. If your equalizer cable has any safety bolts on it, be sure to remove those also. The equalizer cable is a different cable than the other cable and it may also have those bolts and we need those off to do the work that needs done. Those safety bolts are used to keep the equalizer cables of the lift from pulling or coming apart from the sheaves. The sheaves are like little pulley things and the cables rest on them and then the cable moves up and down. Next you should remove the old cables. Remove both of them. If one of them is shorter than the other you may want to make a note of that. It could come in handy. I think at least. Now that you did that, you should probably check and make sure that the sheaves are still in good condition. The sheaves and the cables really work toe=gether so you need both to be ready to go and do their job. If they are in bad condition they will be cracked or not even fully there or super rusty if you got the steel ones. If you need new sheaves we can get you cl10v3 challenger lift parts for sale. Now you have to route the new cables into the lift and onto the sheaves unless your sheaves were bad then you need to wait until you get new sheaves. Which can be something of a challenge or it can be easy if you go through us. If you are routing the cables and realize that one of the cables is a little too long or a little too short then you should try and swap the cables. So put the one that was on the right and move it to the left and move the one that was on the left and move it to the right. Then they should work just dandy. If not, you might need a different cable. Next you need to check the end of the cable and make sure that you can put the bolt back on by hand. You just twist that little thing onto the metal end and usually right is tight and left is loose so keep that in mind.