It has been brought to our attention here at automotive lift services that some who were looking for cl10v3 challenger lift parts for sale and found the restraint gears that they were needing were looking for a how to on replacing the restraint gears on a 2 post challenger cl10v3 lift that needs fixing. First we should start by just discussing the purpose of the restraint gear. The title of the cl10v3 challenger lift parts for sale kind of gives away the purpose of the gear. It is a gear that is used to restrain different parts of the lift from going too far or falling off. I believe that you will find these restraint gears on the arms of the lift. They keep the arms from falling off when you put weight on them and they keep the arms from moving around when a really heavy vehicle is on the lift. Can you imagine what a terrible situation you would be in if you could just push the arm out from under the vehicle when it is in the air? The car would just fall right off and there would be so much damage to that vehicle that it would probably be totaled. It would be similar to driving off a cliff except not quite as dramatic but if you had the lift raised all the way up and then that happened it would look like that vehicle was in a heck of an accident and you or the customer, depending on who owns that car would be pretty devastated or angry. So that is why we need restraint gears and that is why we find it important to supply these cl10v3 challenger lift parts for sale. If you are wondering if you got the right part this restraint gear is supposed to look like a crescent or like a half moon and then it has the grooves on it that make it a gear it is a pretty good thickness of metal and it is probably about 6 inches long depending on the type of lift it goes to. Although i think that only 2 post lifts have restraint gears so it may just depend that the size goes with whatever the weight rating of the lift is. Because the higher the weight rating i think the bigger the arms and the restraint gears need to be. If you are lifting a semi you are going to need something pretty big and pretty big and sturdy arms to handle that kind of weight. Do not try to lift a semi with a lower weight rated lift. We can supply you with the cl10v3 challenger lift parts for sale that will help you lift normal vehicles but not semis. Ok so to start replacing these cl10v3 challenger lift parts for sale you will need to lift or raise the lift to the height of your chest. And depending on your height you may need to go higher or lower. We are basing this off of the height of a normal sized human being. So somewhere in the 5” 8 to 6 ‘0 span of height. If you are below that you will probably need to raise it a little higher than that and if you are taller than that then you should lower it a little below your chest so that we all get them to the correct height. Next remove any bolts you find that are holding on the restraint gears to the lifts. Put these bolts somewhere safe that you will not forget or lose them you will need them to put the restraint gears back on. Unless the bolts are really rusty and should not be put back on then get in contact with us and we can get you hooked up with some cl10v3 challenger lift parts for sale. Now you need to take the restraint gear and break it loose. If you know what this means, great you are probably mechanically minded and this process is a breeze for you. If you are not however, you have to the right place we try to make our instructions as easy to understand as possible for people who are not mechanically inclined. So here is my description of breaking it loose. You will want to grab a pry bar and wedge it underneath the restraint gear and pull up on it ever so gently and carefully and then when you have done that you will want to find a piece of metal or wood and it needs to be pretty thin and you will stick it under that and if you do not have anything like that just try to pull on it pretty hard with your hands. If none of those options work then you need to try this other option. You can carefully and gently tap on the old gear and then pry it up with a crow bar. You should have a crow bar they make excellent tools and even more excellent self defense weapons. If there are any ladies out there reading this, get your self a crow bar you will not regret it. I like to keep one under the passenger seat of my car just in case. The next step is removing the e clip otherwise known as the snap ring. It is called this becaus when you have it settles correctly on an object it snaps right in. that is a functional name if you ask me. You might also be replacing the restraint pawl gear and that is a very similar part to the normal one but they are a little different. For example the pawl gear is smaller and it sounds like a man’s name but it is spelled a little differently. It also has a slightly different function and there is only one of them on the lift where as there are a couple of the normal restraint gears on a 2 post lift. Pawl gears are pretty similar in metal types though for you.