If you are looking for cl10v3 challenger lift parts for sale, you may need a new hydraulic hose. It is very common for hydraulic hoses to need replaced after a while on 2 post lifts. They can get pinched in something and spring a leak. Or they can just get old and the normal wear and tear of things can lead to a seal not being tight enough. That is why at some point you may be needing cl10v3 challenger lift parts for sale and came to our website to get those ordered and delivered to you. So once you have the hydraulic hose, which fun fact here at auto lift services we actually make our own hydraulic hoses. We have a role of hose on our repair trucks that we take and we make on the go when we are at shops to make the perfect hose for the lift that we are working on. No worries though about buying one that isn’t made on the spot. Each hose is still made specifically for the lift that you are buying it for. So once you have the hose and are wanting to replace the old hose you will first want to start by figuring out the O.D. of the hydraulic hose. O.D. means outer diameter. Dont worry, it has nothing to do with prescriptions. When you are getting cl10v3 challenger lift parts for sale make sure that you also get the fittings for the hydraulic hose as well. They probably come with it but you may want to make sure just in case because without the fittings you are kind of out of luck for replacing the hose. Lower the lift all the way to the ground or as low as it will go. You want it down low so that you are putting any pressure on any of the lift parts. You also want to make sure that there is not any pressure on the hose. To do this you will need to hold the lowering valve for approximately 10 seconds. If there is pressure on the hose at all when you take off the parts of the hydraulic hose it could spray fluid a very long ways across whatever space the lift is in. And that my friend is a huge mess to clean up and that is not what we are trying to do at this time. That fluid is also very slimy and difficult to clean it may also stain whatever it touches so you should really make sure that none of it is going to spray all over the place when you remove the hose. So next you will want to take off the hose clamps and take off any zip ties. These hold the liquids in there and when you take off the clamps and zip ties, things can get spilled on. So keep away anything that is valuable to you and you don’t want spilled on just in case. For example we tell our techs that they should move any vehicles within 5 feet of the lift just to make sure they don’t get liquid or fluid on them. Also if any of the clamps or the zip ties get broken in the process we have a plethora of them included in our cl10v3 challenger lift parts for sale. Once the clamps are off you will then need to start taking the actual hose off and you will want to start by removing the side of the hydraulic hose that is by the pump. Depending on the lift some have a t union. It is usually on the overhead beam somewhere towards the middle. If you have one of these t unions you can detach the lower part of it first and drain the oil into a container otherwise if you remove the top one first then you will get oil all over the top of the lift and i would assume it would spill all over from the top of the lift and make a mess below. So i would advise that you detach the lower one first. Put the end of the hose that you just removed into the reservoir or into a pan or other container to drain all the fluid out. You will want a decent sized container because it may pour out a decent amount of liquid and you want to be prepared for that. Put the hose plug in the hose on the side that you detached and drained the liquid from. Then you will remove the other side of the hydraulic hose. This fix isn’t very difficult when you have the right cl10v3 challenger lift parts for sale. Then drain the hose again into that same pan or container if you have room. Like i said you want a good sized container to catch all this fluid. Put a plug on that end of the hose as well and take the thing off of the lift. Congrats, you have removed the bad hose. Time to put on the new hose. We may save that information for the next article. In the meantime, if you need any cl10v3 challenger lift parts for sale visit and shop around on our website for those. If you have any questions about parts whether it be about the price, where it was made, who made it, if it the right part for you, or just want to chat. Give us a call at our business number. You can also send us an email and one of our sales reps or as we like to call them, sales experts, would be delighted to help you figure out any of the questions you have to the best of our ability. And i mean the best of our ability. It is our pleasure to assist you, not to copy our favorite fast food company. We take pride in the quality of our customer service and the satisfaction of our pleased and happy customers to be served.